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Our cat Faro is very bonded to my boyfriend. You could say he’s obsessed. One of the ways he shows it is when he plants himself in the front hall of our home and faces the front door — always at the moment Adam is leaving work to come home. Even though Adam’s work schedule can vary from day to day, Faro is always on the money.

Last night as I passed through the hallway, I found Faro in his “waiting for Dad to come home” spot. I stopped in shock, because it was too early — Adam wasn’t due to leave work for another half an hour, which Faro would typically know. I told him it was too early for Dad to come home and encouraged him to come to the couch with me, but he stayed put.

A little while later, Adam came walking through the door, a half an hour ahead of time. The first thing he said to me was, “I got to leave work early!” Interesting, I thought. When I told him Faro was staring at the door at 7:30 p.m., he said that was the exact time he had left work.

I talk to my clients a lot about how our animals are so connected to our energy and are always receiving information from it. It doesn’t matter the distance. Even though Adam works several neighborhoods away, Faro is so connected that he knows when Adam’s energy shifts from “at work” to “heading home” vibes.

Think about animals in the wild — they have to be connected with the energy around them all the time in order to stay safe, find food, and shelter from harsh weather. They communicate with each other intuitively within packs, herds and even between species. It’s how they operate naturally, and it’s no different with our beloved animal companions.

A few years back when I did soul work with the horse Mr. Big in Costa Rica, we did an exercise where I had to inspire him to follow me around an arena using just my own energy, no signals or verbal cues. Initially I walked in what I thought was a, “come on, follow me” energy but Mr. Big just went where he wanted to go, often in the opposite direction from me. In reality, I was all up in my head, doubting everything I was doing. When I dropped into my heart and focused on feeling self-confidence and a loving connection to Mr. Big, I heard his hooves fall in step behind me. It was the sweetest sound, and it felt like magic. That’s when magic (or energy management) became real to me, and a real way of living life.

Just before I started to write this post, I was looking at my phone and saw something on Instagram that absolutely broke my heart. At the exact moment I started to cry, our other cat Calla jumped up on the desk right in front of me and head-butted me. Honestly, my tears were a surprise to myself. I didn’t realize what I was looking at was going to affect me that hard and fast. But Calla knew. And she had come from another room in the apartment. Time and space have nothing on an animal’s energetic senses.

So when you’re on vacation, drop into your heart, focus on your animal and say, “I love you. I’m having fun right now and I’ll see you soon.” Send an “I’m thinking of you” energetic telegram to them from your desk at work. Feel how much you love your animal on the other side and just talk to them. I promise you they’ll get the message.

When they send a message back, you’ll receive it when you’re not even trying. Animals don’t ever try to connect, they just do. We’re the human species of animal, right? We all actually possess the same intuitive abilities. We’re so lucky to have lovey-dovey, quirky, playful teachers to coach us through that magical connection. 💜

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Patty Daley
Patty Daley
13. Dez. 2023

Great post! A great reminder of how well-connected our animals are to us and to energy in general. And a big reminder for me to drop down into my heart more often. I tend to live way too much in my head!

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Antwort an

Thanks Patty! I had to learn how to drop into my heart as my natural go-to. It had always felt safer to not go there. But it attracts so much abundance when we do! And we connect with our animals so much better that way, too💜


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