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Healing the World, 13 Kittens at a Time

A quote by Dr. Joe Dispenza jumped out at me today: “When we start to feel love, we change our chemistry.”

It made me think of that video that’s gone viral where a man from Louisiana pulled his car over to rescue a kitten he saw in the road. As soon as he picked the kitten up, twelve other kittens came trotting out of the grass and surrounded him, all full of squeaking mews and furry goodness.

A friend sent me the video and when I saw all the kittens reveal themselves, my heart swelled up in a rush of excitement and love. I literally felt good energy flow up my body—especially when the man says, “I thought I was rescuing one. Hot diggity dog,” before he took the lot of abandoned kittens home. (So far he’s found really good homes for eight of them and will keep a few himself.)

This morning I read an article about a Tennessee woman who saw an injured dog by the side of the road who was quite scared and panting in the heat. She realized she’d just passed a parked state trooper, so she went back to get him. The officer gave the dog water and then pulled a chair and umbrella out of his car to sit and give the dog shade, patiently allowing the pup to gain trust in him while drinking the water. He then took the dog to an animal hospital and plans to adopt him when the pup is healed.

The women is quoted as saying, “I believe his being there at the right time was one of those messages reminding us of the good in our world.”

The energy of this man holding space for the dog was healing for the dog in a way, I have no doubt. The officer was feeling compassion and kindness, which had to have affected his own energy, like in that quote about love and chemistry above. We’re always giving off energetic information, so the man's focus sent the energy of calm and compassion to the dog. Dr. Joe says when we experience elevated emotions (high vibration), our bodies create chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that move energy into our hearts that causes arteries to expand and dilate, leading to that filled-up heart feeling I had when watching the kittens.

So there’s the scientific explanation for how love, compassion, and kindness are literally healing. (Also for how Reiki works.) The first moment I channeled Reiki to another person, it felt like a level of compassion I hadn’t known before, and it led me to change my life’s work.

At the time I was studying Reiki, I had a cat who, when I was sad, would brush her paw against my forehead three times. She felt the energy of my emotions and responded with literally in-my-face compassion. It felt like she was brushing away the lower vibration and ushering in the higher, and I always felt overwhelming love and gratitude in my heart. (There is a brushing technique in Reiki as well, by the way.) I’ve always been blown away by the inherent and natural compassion of animals. I’m moved by how they give us the opportunity to practice compassion for them as well, and work with us to spread that love in the world.

That “kitten ambush” video has gotten over 7 million views—imagine if a good portion of those viewers felt their hearts swell, too? That’s a lot of good energy. Apparently huge amounts of people reached out to the kitten-rescuer with thanks (a super high vibration) as well as money and cat supplies, transmuting their high vibrations into physical acts of love.

Thirteen kittens moved energy in a big way. They did that, and they’re tiny. Imagine what we can do each day with just our own energy? We can high-vibration ambush the world.


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