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Coincidences, Sitcoms and Pure Magic

One day recently I was talking to a friend about how unusually stressed I was getting as I contemplated moving apartments. Normally I can find calm and get centered, but I had dreamed about George Costanza from Seinfeld the night before and I felt like I was channeling his constant-frantic state…I even quoted to my friend one of George’s lines from an episode I hadn’t seen in years.

Then that night before bed, I was aimlessly channel-surfing and came across the Seinfeld episode that I had quoted from that day. Not only did I hear George say the quote that I’d spoken, but the subject of moving apartments plays out in that episode, which I’d forgotten. It freaked me out a little, but in a good way—it lightened my energy and somehow made me feel better about the decision for us to move.

It doesn’t matter how big or small a coincidence is—it has the power to shift our vibration and show us the magic is real. One night way before the shutdown, I was riding the subway with my boyfriend, sleepily resting against him in our seats with my eyes shut. When I opened my eyes, I saw a coworker from years ago sitting across from me smiling. She lived several states away at the time, but there she was on the same subway train, the same subway car…right in front of me. I immediately perked up as we quickly chatted and caught up. Over five-hundred NYC trains run at a time with over six-thousand cars. All I have to do is think about that moment and I know anything can happen.

The other day, I found myself wishing our cat Faro would hang out on the bed—our kitty Calla has taken it over and it seems he’s not allowed to trespass. But yesterday, as I sat on the bed working on my laptop, Faro jumped up and sat next to me for the first time in months. My first reaction was, wow what a coincidence…I was just thinking about him being on the bed. But I know it’s because he’s connected to my energy and responded to it. So can we make a coincidence happen? Are any of these situations really coincidences?

Carl Jung explained them with his “one world” theory—that there is an underlying network that connects everything and everyone. Another researcher I came across believes that people who are spiritual or prone to search for meaning are apt to experience coincidence. So by opening up to that energy that connects us all, we attract in the magic and an endless possibility for connections and support—from our animals, the universe, and yes, even George Costanza. That’s the thing about magic—it can show up anytime, even when we're couch surfing. 📺✨

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