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A Little Love and Appreciation

I recently found out about the best thing on Planet Earth. Apparently in Minneapolis there is a thing called the Wedge Cat Tour, where its founder leads a walking tour throughout a pie-shaped neighborhood referred to as The Wedge. Those joining the tour admire cats perched in windows and on porches, and sometimes get lucky when homeowners bring their cats into the front yard for affectionate pets and ear scratches.

As you can imagine, there’s a whole bunch of people who think this tour is weird. When I look at it, though, I see the highest vibration ever—one of gratitude, admiration, and coming together. In an article I read, one of the tour’s cat parents described the event as “utterly joyous” and declared, “This is what the world needs right now.”

Last Thursday was National Dog Day. Of all the universally celebrated or obscure National-Whatever Days on the calendar, I think this one had the most posts I’d ever seen. And the majority of posts read, “Every day is dog day,” perhaps addressing how small-minded it could be to devote only one day of the year in celebration of the dog. And I love that attitude.

I feel like this is one of the clever ways animals help us—by being so worthy of our admiration that they naturally bring us into the energy of gratitude, love, and appreciation which are the highest vibrations we can hold. And when a group of people come together, on a walking tour or, say, the internet on National Dog Day, the vibration grows even higher, and we can truly experience that utter joy and radiate it out into the world (which, indeed, so often feels like it needs it).

Gratitude not only connects us with each other in beautiful ways, but it also opens us up to achieve great things. I’ve taken to saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” before I do something new that’s challenging or that I’m a little nervous about. Just saying those words is instant energy shifter, reminding me that I’m here and I have an opportunity, for which I’m always grateful. All words carry energy (so think about the energy of “thank you”), and the magic number three carries universal energy of the whole, the mind/body/spirit.

Appreciation is so powerful that it also starts the energetic wheels in motion that bring in more good things to your life. The more you stop and feel grateful for what you already have, the more the universe gives you to appreciate.

Animals understand this so well—so many times in an animal communication reading, a client will express worry over if their pet is happy or knows how much they are loved. And every time the animal will respond by showing me pictures of the happiness, fun, and joy in his life, and how grateful he is for his human and the care he receives. It’s sort of a metaphorical shaking-of-the head about how we humans love to create scenarios and worry about things that don’t exist.

So I'm asking you to just try it—act like an animal. Take minute and go into gratitude and see how your body feels. It’s magic. And it’s so easy.

And I have so much love and appreciation for that. 💜

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