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The Expansion

I’ve learned in my mediumship classes that expanding your aura helps loved ones on the other side connect in with you. This fascinates me, and while practicing expanding my energy, I’ve been trying to figure out how it all really works and if I’m doing it “right”…basically all that analytical human stuff.

Then yesterday I saw this from Abraham-Hicks: “Humans have the misconception that Source is no longer expanding or that Source is finished and perfect, and that humans are now working to accomplish that perfection. But what is really going on is that Source is expanding into greater capacities of love because of that which Man is living.”

When we expand our auras, we’re connecting with our authentic self, which comes from source, which is love…so each time we do this is it possible that we’re helping the universe’s energy of love expand just a little bit?

Seven years ago, a football-player-sized man was seated next to me on a cramped flight. Unintentionally spilling into my space, he constantly bounced his leg with nervous energy. I immediately picked up on the anxious feeling, so I decided to do a visualization I had just learned. I imagined an obsidian stone with my name on it orbiting around me, with the intention of calm and peace. (You can pick any object you want—I picked obsidian because for me it’s comforting and protective.)

Each time I did the visualization, the man’s leg stopped bouncing. When I stopped the visualization, he resumed bouncing. And my mind was blown.

Last year at a workshop in Costa Rica I practiced lunging, where I struck a whip on the ground to indicate the direction I wanted Cosmo the horse to trot around me. (The whip never goes near or on the horse in this practice—it is a signal to him.) The bigger and more enthusiastic my energy got, the faster Cosmo would gallop around me. The more I doubted or got distracted, the more Cosmo would ignore what I was doing and do his own thing.

It was challenging for me to make my energy big, but one night I got there—I was 100% feeling pure PLAY and JOY. The picture taken of that moment shows golden orbs around Cosmo and me. My teacher wasn’t surprised—she explained fairies show up whenever joy energy gets BIG.

When we expand into peace, love, and joy, it not only affects the 3-D world around us, but according to Abraham-Hicks, the universe too in the highest and greatest way. It happens every moment we’re kind to a stranger, tell someone we love them, or do something outrageously fun. It’s that easy.

How will you expand today? (I’m all for more fairies showing up.) ✨✨

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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