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Oceans of Wisdom

One day last week on vacation at the Jersey Shore, I was in the ocean when the waves were pretty rough and the undertow was strong. This definitely put me out of my comfort zone.

And then I felt something large, strong, and slimy swim slowly against my leg under the surface.

Last August I blogged about how a cow-nose ray bumped solidly up against my leg while in the rough ocean. That time I could see him—and his friend—just under the surface as it happened. This time I couldn’t see what ocean-dweller slowly rubbed against me—I could only feel it, and for that reason, it freaked me out.

The next day, I realized the creature who swam against my leg had the whole ocean at his disposal. He didn’t have to be in front of the lifeguard stand like I did, and the ocean wasn’t crowded with people. He had plenty of room to do his thing.

So I decided to connect in with whoever that slimy guy was who made contact with me. As I connected in with his energy, I asked why he swam up against me the day before. He told me, “Don’t fear what you cannot see.”

When I started studying mediumship back in May, I had some disturbing dreams. It brought back memories of having scary dreams when I was little and being hyper sensitive to everything around me. When I talk to animals on the other side, I’m totally comfortable—I know that they have incredible wisdom and love to share. But thinking about humans on the other side, because I’m a human too, brings about a whole new level of unknown around where they are and what they’re experiencing.

The cool thing is, as I practice mediumship readings more and more, all I encounter are people on the other side coming through with messages of love and support for their friends and relatives here. The more I let go of fearing the unknown, the more the readings flow. And no more bad dreams, by the way.

I get so many animal communication clients who desperately want to know if their animal on the other side is ok. The animals always tell me they’re doing amazing. It's our fear of what we cannot see that creates distress and anxiety—the last thing our animals want us to feel.

Releasing fear sets us free to connect. We open up to wisdom we never knew was there from people and animals both here and on the other side.

And turns out even the slimy ones have an ocean full of lessons teach us.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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