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Dolphin Reiki Masters

The other day, my niece sent me a video about a whale who wouldn’t leave a scientist alone in the ocean. He pushed her onto his nose and his back and under his fin. Even though she spent a lifetime studying whales, the scientist didn’t understand what was happening. Then when she got back to her boat, she saw a large tiger shark nearby and knew the whale had been protecting her.

Animals are super in touch with the energy around them, and are always trying to move toward balance. I’m sure the whale knew the shark was hungry. I’m also sure the whale could read the woman’s energy, which was all about studying whales and protecting them. It’s the ultimate balancing act—he’ll protect the creature who’s protecting him.

Three years ago, I swam with wild dolphins in the Bahamas. Every day our group would sail an hour out into the open sea, and get in the water once the dolphins showed up to play and hang out. At the time I experienced chronic fatigue pretty badly, and was anxious about keeping up with my group in the water.

The first day with the dolphins, I was feeling especially wiped out and swam gently just below the surface of the water. All of a sudden, a dolphin crossed slowly about a foot in front of my face, making direct eye contact with me. At the same time, a second dolphin swam parallel closely just below me at my same speed. It felt like they both were holding me in the water, giving me their undivided attention

When I got back on the boat, I felt very different. There was energy coursing through my body, and I felt very solid and strong. I hadn’t felt good in my body in a long time, so this was extraordinary. The feeling lasted well through the day and night. The last day of the trip, two dolphins did the same thing with me, but swimming in opposite directions from the first day.

When I told our tour guide, she said some people believe dolphins can read peoples’ energy, see where they need healing, and give it to them. The ultimate Reiki Masters!

The base line of the universe is balance. Day and night, high and low tide, the calm before the storm. The dolphins saw me out of balance and literally gave me energy to correct that. The other day when I was stressed at my computer, our cat Faro sat on my keyboard and gave me a head-butt. Same thing.

Balance is where love, peace, and harmony live—the universe, whales, and our beloved Fluffys will never stop trying to bring us back there. In the meantime at my Reiki table, I’ll be doing my best dolphin.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌🐬

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