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Messages in Disguise

On Saturday I assisted Danielle MacKinnon (the wonderful teacher from whom I received my certification) in her Soul Level Animal Communication workshop at The Open Center here in NYC.

One of my favorite exercises in the workshop is when the students are given an animal’s name and gender only. This means everyone intuitively connects with Larry*, male, and sets the intention to learn about his personality without actually knowing what type of animal he is.

Afterwards, the students share the info they got from Larry—some saw a dog, some a bird, and the list goes on.

At this workshop, no one got the animal Larry actually is…yet all the students were correct.

As long as you get yourself into a calm, clear state, everything will conspire to get you the messages you need. So even though Larry is a monkey, the message of his personality appears in a way that comes across most clearly for you. Students often see a dog when they connect with Larry because he has a lovable, playful personality. Those who see a bird know he is agile and likes to be up high.

Even though I don’t go into readings blind to my clients’ animals’ type, the animals will still come through in surprising ways sometimes.

Once a client’s pet sparrow came through as a horse running in a field, and I wasn’t sure why. Then the client told me she had rescued the sparrow and was wondering if he wanted to go back into the wild. Turns out he had already answered the question by coming through as a horse running free.

Last week I woke up two mornings in a row with the song The Way You Move by Earth, Wind and Fire in my head. It wouldn’t go away, and I had no idea where it came from. Then one morning I remembered my boyfriend wanted me to ask Faro why he moves his water dish into the middle of the kitchen, spilling water everywhere. When I connected with Faro and asked the question, he told me “I LOVE to watch the way the water moves!” Then he blasted the lyrics in my head “I like the waaaaay you move,” and I realized he started answering my question two days before I sat down to ask him.

The universe and our animals are conspiring for us to let go of expectations and be open to whatever weird and wacky ways they want to speak to us. So sit back and allow it to happen—those sending the messages know exactly how to get through.

(Just ask Larry, Danielle’s other T.A.)

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

*Actual practice-animal info has been changed so as not to spoil it for anyone in a future workshop!

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