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When The Universe Took My Internet Away

A few posts back, I mentioned the book Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff who spent time with aborigines in Malaysia. The group he hung out with, deep in the jungle, didn’t live by schedules, didn’t earn money, nor stress out about project deadlines. They woke up, discussed the dreams they had the night before, and conducted their day as they were intuitively led to.

And they were super happy and incredibly psychic.

It reminds me of what I always say about babies and animals—that they don’t worry about looking fat, or aging, or what society thinks of them, or what they have to do today. As a result, they’re so in tune with the energy around them.

As I was reading about the aborigines, I thought, how can I ever get to that pure place, living in the 21st century with iPhones, schedules, a crazy stock market, and an unpredictable 4 train?

Yesterday as usual, I got up with an agenda. I was to write my blog for this much time, go on to the next project for that amount of time, and then squeeze in another project if I had time left.

But when I sat down at my desk to start my day, I had no internet. I immediately spiraled. My insides were screaming “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” In my frustration, I tried to reboot the modem a few times with no luck. According to the internet provider, service was down in our area and expected to be back up at 3pm. Devastating to a Virgo planner like me.

Then I remembered the aborigines who never have internet or schedules, and I felt something shift. I started unpacking the last of my boxes from the move and let go of what the rest of the day “should” look like. I felt energized and organized my closets. I folded the laundry, which for some reason felt so good. When the internet did not come back at 3, I played with the cat. I organized my desk. And then the new apartment looked and felt like a home…and I felt amazing.

Still with no internet as it got dark, my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants day by trying a vegetarian restaurant in the neighborhood. We hadn’t been out in ages and it was the Best. Food. Ever.

So I’m writing my blog today. I’ll do those other projects later, and the world is still revolving.

A very wise friend told me today that the universe uses technology to speak to us. Yesterday, the universe decided to change my course, and I had the happiest day ever doing unexciting things. And I accomplished so much without having a plan.

Where can you go from “Noooo” resistance to “Ok, whatever” allowance? Because that, I found out, is where the magic is.

(A.K.A. It’s all about the magic. 🙌)

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