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When a Stranger Was My Umbrella

You know how change can be uncomfortable? There are changes happening in my life right now and despite me knowing it’s all for good, last week I got really stuck in the stress and overwhelm. I felt lost and unfocused, and for the first time ever, I had writer’s block for my weekly blog post.

In a desperate search for inspiration last Wednesday, I went to the Central Park. I thought if I could connect into the every-day-occurring magic that I talk about so much, I’d be able to write. Besides, the universe always has my back, so I figured they’d make something big and significant happen for me.

Despite the beautiful weather, I returned home from the park a bit dejected, still lacking inspiration. I was exhausted. The well was dry. I decided I couldn’t write that day, and that had never really happened before.

The next day, still tired, I had to run errands in the rain. I had lost my very favorite black umbrella, so I rummaged and found a bright blue one in my closet. I was feeling so blah that day, I was annoyed I couldn’t blend in with Manhattan's sea of black umbrellas. And where and why did I ever buy this bright one anyway?

Out on the sidewalk, a woman stopped me with a big smile and said, “We have the same umbrella!” A bit stunned that she was so excited about it, I cautiously replied “Yeah.” She explained she had lost her umbrella, found the blue one, and had no idea where she had bought it. “Wow…me too…,” I said, thinking, ok that’s pretty weird, as the woman continued to smile at me.

That enthusiastic stranger was a beacon in my grumpy haze, reminding me that the smallest things can be magic. And if you’re pushing for that magic to happen, you probably won’t see it.

After that, I thought about my “uninspired” walk in the park last week. I saw a gorgeous mass of sparkling golden leaves slowly falling in the sun. I saw a man sitting on a blanket quietly looking into his dog’s eyes. And I saw a woman walking a cat on a leash. (The nearby dogs’ reactions to it were priceless.)

And, at my lowest point last week, I read a gratitude blog written by someone I feel very lucky to have in my life, where he mentioned that he was grateful for me. Now it was my turn to be blown away.

Haven’t accomplished everything you wanted to today, this week, yet in life? Give yourself a break and don’t push the river. I promise the signs are all around you that you’re supported. Just allow them to show up on their magical timeline.

Then some day, two blue umbrellas will meet in the rain, and you’ll be blown away. 💙

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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