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Why “Fix” Is a Bad Word

The film A River Runs Through It had a big impact on me way back when it came out, and I’ve been thinking about it lately. In it, a studious brother (Norman) tries to protect and help his reckless, out-of-control brother (Paul) get his life in line, to no avail. At the end their minister father says in a sermon, “Those we live with and should know elude us. But we can still love them without complete understanding.”

A few weeks ago, after my niece Sam adopted a young black cat named Basil, I connected in with him, and he gave me a message of independence and being his own cat. “I have to be me,” he told me.

Then last week, two days after they moved to Sam’s college campus for her senior year, Basil ran away. Sam called me immediately, and, trying to control my own freak-out, I proceeded to connect in with him to ask what the heck was going on. Right away he showed me he was running at full speed in the woods, exhilarated, saying, “WOO HOO! This is AMAZING! I’ve always wanted to do this!!” Then I saw him running up a tree. When I told him this could be dangerous, he replied sternly, “I know what I’m doing.”

Since then, Basil has been sighted several times (including in a tree), and has left signs of where he’s been, but has so far eluded Sam, her friends, and campus security. To my animal communicator friends and me, he has consistently come through with messages of having a super-cool adventure and choosing to do his own thing.

I have repeatedly tried to connect in with Basil, even though I’m close to the situation and should know better, out of a desperation for answers. One night he showed me a specific campus location in my dream, and in the morning I found out he had been spotted in that location during the night. “That’s not helping us find you!”, I thought, in full worry mode.

The whole ordeal has been harrowing, although my niece is managing well and is very strong. I’ve been on my own emotional roller coaster, out of huge love and concern for Sam, along with the intense frustration with myself that, I communicate with animals—why can’t I fix this for this person I love so much?

And now I know the problem with all of that is the “fix” thing. I’m being a Norman, and in this case Basil is Paul, the guy out there doing his own thing, even though it looks scary and freaks out those who love him. I need to stop trying to control the situation, trust it will turn out for the highest good, support my niece, and respect Basil, even if I don’t understand this adventure he has chosen.

And so Sam’s college has a new cat professor, teaching us all—as the Basil Campus Adventures continue…

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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