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Talk to the Paw

The other day, my cat communicated two messages to me in a very clear way. I was lying on my bed talking to a friend on the phone, and I was pretty much having a meltdown. Something had really annoyed me, and I couldn’t seem to let it go. As my friend was giving me a pep talk about how I didn’t need to let such-and-such bother me because I’m awesome (yeah, she’s a great friend), my cat got on the bed, walked right up to my face and stared into my eyes. She really never does that, and it was pretty attention-getting. By standing her ground, being quite still, and looking at me intensely right at the moment I was receiving encouragement, I knew that she was reinforcing my friend’s message.

Then later that day, I was texting with another friend and the conversation veered toward venting/complaining territory. I started to text a reply with my own rant, but caught myself and thought, do I really want to go there? Just in THAT moment, my cat came up to me and put her paw on my mouth—and kept it there. She's done that only once before, and that time I was texting, too. I knew this time it was directly about the energy of the conversation I was having. That paw on the mouth was her way of saying “Don’t rant! Rise above!”

I’ve been thinking a lot about my time in Costa Rica last year because I’m about to return there for more soul work with horses next month. One of my favorite moments from that workshop happened right after the beautiful Mr. Big selected me to work with him for the week. (Yes, the horse picks you on this trip!) As I sat in front of him at the side of the arena, I intuitively asked him to give me a message. He then approached me and rubbed his head against the side of my leg three times. I had been very worried about some chronic health issues getting in the way of experiencing all the workshop had to offer, and he zeroed in on that right away. By touching his face to my leg, he brought me right into my body and gave me the reassuring message that I could do this. It was a “Your legs (and body) won’t fail you—you got this!” message.

I do so much work intuitively connecting to animals, that sometimes I forget how good they are at getting their messages across in our physical space, too. Each of the above examples is me getting lost in that maze I was talking about last week. Our animals are so connected, they read that energy and know the best way to pull us out of it every time. You don’t need to do what I do for a living to receive guidance from your animal—just look up from the phone, breathe in the moment, and notice that look in their eye (or paw on your face!).

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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