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The Mind Trip

Last night I watched the season-two premiere of Legion, the mind-trippiest show on television. (Don’t worry, no crucial spoilers to follow.) At one point the screen went blank and all you heard was a narrator’s voice describing a maze in the desert, made up of twists and turns, one hundred miles long. He asks you to see it, imagine walking it, and once you have he reveals there is no maze in the desert—it’s simply an idea. The idea itself is the maze, “an idea that will come to dominate your every waking and sleeping moment.” Dun Dun DUN! 🎵

The other night I was invited to a dinner party. My recurring back issue was acting up that day, but I really wanted to go, so I made myself make the trek downtown. During the whole subway ride I thought, I’ll tell the hostess I’m not feeling well, and I’ll leave early, as soon as my back gets worse.

When I arrived, a man whom I’ve never met answered the door with such a joyful, welcoming vibe, my spirits lifted immediately. Soon after, I was introduced to about ten other people I had never met before, a real eclectic, fun group. Next thing I knew, I had stayed until the party wound down, and my back hadn’t bothered me the whole time.

The next day? A different story. I had one of the worst spasms I’ve ever had. I was tired from the night before and was beating myself up for not being more aware of sitting up straight during the party, staying out too late, you name it. My own personal maze.

For me, here’s what it comes down to. Science says everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are made of energy. The real mind trip? This means that physical things (including us) do not have a physical basis—we are fundamentally energy. If we can learn to manipulate that energy, attract in the good energy, we can do incredible things. Manifesting, healing, practicing Reiki, talking to animals. We can also do not-so-fun things, like get lost in a maze of thoughts in our heads—we’ve all done it and have seen the physical results like a knot in the stomach, racing heartbeat, lack of sleep.

Last week I visited my regular Reiki client Fujo the cat who, when I arrived for the session, was racing around the apartment at full speed, ultra suped-up and frisky. As soon as he saw me sit on the couch, he joined me and assumed his regular Reiki position, calm and ready to receive the energy. In the minds of animals, there is no maze to get lost in. Nothing holds them back from joy, nor prevents them from opening up to healing.

Oh and that dinner party? It happened to be at Fujo's apartment. And you can bet he held court. Here’s to us all being more like Fujo, Master of Energy and Purring, leaving all the mazes in the dust.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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