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The Yoga Ball of Life

I taught an animal communication workshop this past weekend, and it was amazing to witness students doing mind-blowing readings their first time out! An added bonus? My chronic pain seemed to disappear while I taught.

Since I was in pain when I arrived at the yoga studio for the event, the owner recommended I sit on a yoga ball instead of a chair while teaching. I’d never tried one before and found it was the answer to my dreams. Every time I sit in a chair, I’m constantly correcting my posture because my natural go-to is very out of alignment, contributing to painful back spasms on the regular. But on the yoga ball, my body naturally adjusted to good alignment in order for me to keep my balance.

So because of that natural adjustment, I stopped consciously thinking about how to fix myself over and over again. I even found that I was gently bouncing at times. It was like my energy lightened up because I wasn’t focused on the fixing. And two hours later I realized, wait a minute…I haven’t been in pain!

Recently, a very wise person in my life pointed out that I try to fix things about myself, and maybe that’s not the most helpful energy to be generating. Now I get it. Every time I attempt to fix something about myself, I’m focusing on what I feel is wrong with me. So how can I get to a place where I naturally find balance and let go of the negative?

The first step is to stop beating myself up over what I’m doing “wrong.” I did an animal communication reading the other day that brought this point home for me. When I first connected to the client’s energy, I got the message that it would be helpful to stop focusing on what she considered mistakes from her past and to quit worrying that she’d repeat them. “It’s all part of your journey,” I said. “You wouldn’t be where you are now without those experiences. They were necessary learnings so that now you can move forward.”

Then when I connected to her cat, the client wanted to know about his life before he was brought to the shelter where she found him. She was concerned he had been mistreated and did that plague him? When I asked the cat, he showed me a picture of him standing with a brick house behind him. Then he walked farther and farther away from the house. The next picture I got was him in his current home, and he kept telling me he was one-hundred percent happy and content. He wouldn’t give details on what happened in that brick house because it didn’t matter now. Yes, it happened, but it didn’t affect his full-on enjoyment in the present at all.

So, when we allow the past to be in the past and walk away from criticizing ourselves for stuff we did “wrong” (or the bad posture we’ve held for a lifetime), we open ourselves up to allowing all sorts of good things to come through in the present.

In other words: Life’s a (yoga) ball. Now go bounce.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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