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Phoning It In

Knowing I have an aversion to resolutions (and all the pressure and guilt that come with), I decided to acknowledge how good my accomplishments from 2017 feel and pick one thing I’d like to do differently in 2018. (Keeping it at one thing feels doable, and it’s all about learning from the past…and not judging!)

So here’s the deal…last year I chose to stop wearing a watch. Transitioning from a corporate job to being my own boss, I really wanted to let go of the feeling around super-scheduled days and non-stop meetings and deadlines. How’d that work out you ask? I ended up looking at my phone constantly to check the time. And you know how many distractions are on your phone, from social media to really cool games to the weather app?

On New Year’s Eve, I heard someone say that technology is making us dumber— all this knowledge at our fingertips has led to a deep hole of distraction and zoning out. I have to admit it has definitely kept me from getting exercise, sleeping well, and using my intuition.

So naturally, the next logical step I took was to think, what is my cat telling me about my smartphone use? If I’m lying in bed looking at my phone (yes, the worst habit ever), she’ll get on my chest, put her face in my face, and get between my phone and me. There have been times where I’m watching endless videos instead of unwinding and going to sleep, and she has put her paw on my cheek, literally trying to turn my face away from the phone. And my favorite was one night when I was trying to think of what to text back to someone, and she put her paw right on my mouth and kept it there. Her way of screaming “DON’T SPEAK!” (A.K.A. stop texting and put down the phone!)

All our animals want us to do is be present. When we’re on our phones, we’re not connecting with the energy of people and animals and the world around us. This morning I realized I’m never more present than when I am giving Reiki and doing an animal communication reading. And those two things are all about connecting with energy and doing what I’m passionate about.

Is there something that you’d like to do less of or more of in 2018? I say set a realistic expectation and just do your best. I’m going to start by scrolling my fingers through some fur instead of YouTube.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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