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A Pomeranian Observation

After doing a reading yesterday where I connected to a goose and then to a puppy, (they’re “siblings” and have an interesting relationship), I was feeling like the luckiest person ever to have a job where I get hear messages from all kinds of creatures. Then I got in the elevator with a Pomeranian and was blown away.

My apartment building is home to a ton of dogs, so it wasn’t so surprising when a man got on the elevator holding the cutest Pomeranian you’ve ever seen. I hear you—aren’t all Pomeranians cute? This one had a haircut like Boo, the Pomeranian internet sensation, so her fluffiness was concentrated all around her face, fur the color of caramel, and she had these sparkling brown eyes…Anyway, an elderly man got on the elevator as well, and he took one look at this dog and said, “Oh, she is VERY intelligent.” Now, here I am an animal communicator by trade, and the first thing I got from this dog was that she was overwhelmingly cute.

The elderly man went on to say, “She is an observer. She observes and then knows how to get exactly what she wants.” The dog dad was visibly stunned and said, “That’s exactly right! You’re right on about her—you totally nailed it!” To which the elderly man replied, “Yes, I’m communicating with her,” and then promptly exited the elevator on his floor.

I then had four floors of time left with the Pomeranian and her dad. I considered tossing out my elevator pitch about what I do—the perfect place to do it, right?—but how could I top what that elderly man had just given the dog dad? And, really, why would I want to? The point of what I do is to help people improve their relationships with their animals and help them see that they can connect, too. I was absolutely thrilled to see animal communication happen on the fly (as I always say, anyone can do it!). The dog dad was thrilled that his dog communicated with a stranger, and I could see his world open up to something he hadn’t contemplated before.

So what did I say to the dog dad? “Is it ok if I pet her? She looks like a stuffed animal!” And he let me pet her. I got what I needed, the dog dad got what he needed, and the wise man and the Pomeranian blew us both away. And I realized that sometimes the gift is just sitting back and observing the magic happen.


It’s all about the magic. 🙌)

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