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Paws-On Healing

Ever hear the expression “healer, heal thyself”? Through my Reiki studies and practice, I’ve learned a lot about how to understand my own physical issues and what will help heal them. The other night, though, the “heal thyself” thing wasn’t working at all.

I was in the throes of one of the worst back spasms I’ve ever had—it’s a recurring thing with me, always on the left side, and I never really know when it will come on. In that moment that night, it was much easier for me to spiral into sadness, anger, frustration, and fear instead of trying to breathe and practice Reiki on myself. So after a few hours of getting to know woe-is-me-land really, really well, it finally dawned on me to reach out for help. I texted a friend and asked if she could please send me some distance Reiki.

As I was lying on my side waiting to feel the healing energy in my body, my cat jumped on the bed and lay down behind my back. She put her paw on the back of my neck, at the left side of my spine and proceeded to purr into my ear. I could tell she was sending me healing too (yes, animals are great healers—it makes sense since they always come from unconditional love and are so tuned into energy). The pain eased up eventually and I fell asleep like that, with a soft paw on my neck.

When I texted my friend the next day to tell her what my cat did, she replied that that’s the spot on my neck where she had been intentionally applying the Reiki from a distance.

So it turns out, the moment I remembered there’s a bigger picture beyond myself and opened up to receive help and comfort, I had an amazing friend sending me Reiki and a cat right behind me acting as her loyal assistant. In our lowest moments, it’s easy to feel like everything’s working against us and there’s nothing we can do to make things better. But sometimes it takes pain to wake us up to how great things really are. The truth is, the energy of the universe is always working to support us. Open yourself up to accept its help, and it will show up in amazing ways…possibly even purring in your ear.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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