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Babies Know What's Up

I can’t stop thinking about an article I shared on my Facebook page last week. It was a post about a little boy who was told he could choose any animal at a shelter to adopt. Apparently he had an instant connection to an “elderly, overweight, and shy cat” named Tiny. In the car ride on the way home, Tiny was let out of his carrier and immediately got on the boy’s lap for a snuggle…and it wasn’t long before the little boy and cat were like “old, lifelong friends”.

You know how many videos there are on the internet of babies and animals together? About a billion. I know I’ve lost hours going down the rabbit hole of “oh, just one more…I HAVE to see that toddler frolic with her squirrel BFF”. So why does this bond happen all the time? Babies and little kids haven’t yet acquired the human-world stuff that blocks them from the joy of being themselves and what life’s all about. There’s no self-consciousness, no worry around how to make ends meet, no stress about a busy week ahead. And animals have none of that human head stuff either; hence, babies and animals are the perfect match and easily make deep connections based on unconditional love.

In the past year, I’ve gone through four levels of intense animal communication studies. There’s a small band of women who’ve made the journey with me in the same class, and my connection with them has grown deeper and stronger along the way. We have each other’s backs, have seen each other at our most vulnerable, and truly love each other. We have this deep connection because we’ve been peeling away those layers of doubts and fears to get to who we really are. (Trust me, learning to believe you’re really hearing what animals are saying and then coming out to the world as a modern-day Dr. Doolittle means truly leaving fears behind.)

So really, in working to shed all that 3D-world muck, my fellow students and I have become big babies, and I mean that in the best way. When you work on getting back to who you really are, who you came into this world as, without those fears of what others think of you, you’re in a prime position to make deep, meaningful connections—with both humans and animals. The little boy who chose Tiny didn’t see how old or overweight the cat was. He just felt the love, and opened the door to a beautiful thing. Want to start attracting connections that will blow you away? Go ahead, be a big baby. Babies know what’s up.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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