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What are you staring at??

One day this summer, I was at the Jersey shore with my family, playing in the freezing cold ocean with my cousin’s two-year-old daughter Zoey. I held her hand tightly as she tried to steady herself in the squishy wet sand whenever the waves splashed her belly. With her free hand, she tried to splash me every chance she got, all the while squealing with laughter.

Afterwards, we walked back up the beach to dry off. As I was standing around chatting with my family, another cousin of mine (Zoey’s aunt) said, “Julie, Zoey’s just standing there staring at you, not saying anything. She’s been staring at you for the longest time. She wants you to take her back into the water!”

I replied, “What does she think I’m going to do? Read her mind? I only do that with animals.”

I said it to be funny, but when I thought about it later, it occurred to me how off that statement was. My cousin who saw Zoey staring at me knew the toddler wanted me to go back in the water. But how did she know that? Zoey hadn’t said anything. My cousin just felt it.

Ever feel tension in a room? Or without thinking, turn your head toward someone and catch them looking at you? Ever see a scary movie and feel like everyone in the theater is holding his breath? It’s because everything around us (including us) is energy. And every single one of us can read and sense it. The more you practice being aware of your own energy and the energy around you, the cooler and more amazing it is. The trick is to quiet your mind, get off Twitter for a moment, and take a breath.

Animals communicate through energy all the time. I have to manage my own energy before a session so I’m more open to receive what they want to tell me.

The next time your dog stares at you and you just know he’s trying to tell you something (there you go—you’re already reading energy!), try to clear your mind and notice what you see, hear, or

feel. Our animals just want us to slow down and listen. So do little kids, too—Zoey wanted me to get the message, but I was distracted in that moment. Luckily my cousin was there to translate.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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