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julie ulrich

Reiki and Intuitive Readings
for people and animals
“What appears to be...a three-dimensional anatomical structure
is actually a process, a flow of energy and information.”
I’m crazy about energy…this universal intelligence that surrounds us and is part of every one of us—people and animals. Through a combination of intuitive connection, energy work, and messages from our animals, I love to assist others on their journey to healing.

about me

Several years ago, I was led to explore Reiki after living with chronic health issues no one could figure out. Reiki always surprised me in the best way—it was the one thing I could count on to give me comfort and make me feel so much better about everything. As a Reiki practitioner, that’s what I love to share with my clients—gentle support, understanding, and a knowing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s funny—those are the things that I find naturally come through during an animal communication session, too. I’m always in awe of how our animals consistently bring messages of support and guidance for us to be our best selves. Don’t be surprised if when I’m connecting to your animal I say “That’s so cool that Fluffy is showing you how you can stand up for yourself!!” Sometimes I get carried away by the magic, (ok, most of the time I do). I’d love for you to experience the magic with me, through energy work or an intuitive reading—wherever your heart leads you.


"Julie Ulrich’s ability to create an open, easy, non-judgmental space for her clients while also connecting deeply with their animals leads to an intuitive experience that breaks through challenges in extraordinary ways. Her work with people and their animals heals relationships, breaks unhealthy behavior patterns, and facilitates a deeper bond between human and animal than most people ever thought possible."
- Danielle MacKinnon

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my services

for people


In-person Reiki Session

Distance Reiki Session

Intuitive Soul Level Reading

for animals


 Distance Reiki Session

Soul Level Animal Communication Reading™

I look forward to connecting with you!

Reiki and soul level readings are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatments for people,

and not a replacement for regular veterinary care for animals.

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“Julie is a masterful energy healer. She creates a peaceful and welcoming environment in her space that you can feel the minute you walk in. She has a gentle touch but the flow of energy through her hands is powerful. She has an amazing ability to zero-in on where to focus her attention during each session. Her training is extensive and she knows exactly how to work with you in every situation. I usually have something specific that I want to work on at my session, but if I don’t, I completely trust her to work intuitively where she is guided to. She occasionally shares intuitive information that comes to her during my sessions. These observations are always insightful and connect to things that I am experiencing at the time. With Julie you get so much more than just a Reiki session! I always leave her sessions feeling peaceful, relaxed, and energized. Julie is a gifted healer.”

Nellie N. / NYC

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