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Zooming In On Gratitude

A few years ago on the first day of my second trip to Costa Rica for a horse-and-soul workshop, a lovely young horse named Elisa chose to work with me. (Later Cosmo chose me too, as we all had the honor of having two horses matched with us that week.) After Elisa paired herself with me, we all sat in a circle and shared something about ourselves. When it was my turn and I began to speak, Elisa took a few steps closer to me and put her face close in front of my face. I remember leaning to the side, trying to see the people in the circle while I spoke, but Elisa kept moving her face to be smack dab in front of mine. It was awkward—I was pouring my heart out about something I was struggling with, but I couldn’t see my fellow workshop members as I spoke.

horse face close up

Afterwards, one of the facilitators said to me, “Wasn’t that amazing? Elisa was protecting you as soon as you became vulnerable with the group.” I immediately felt so grateful—Elisa had felt my energy and just wanted me to feel safe while I shared something difficult with the others.

Years ago, I was sleeping on my side one morning when my cat Willow jumped over me to get closer to the window next to my bed. When she jumped, she inadvertently scratched my bare arm with one of her hind claws. Immediately after she landed, she turned around and licked my arm exactly where she had scratched it, then went to sit in the window. In a split second I went from an abrupt wake-up with my skin stinging to being overwhelmingly grateful for our connection and Willow’s unconditional love.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’ve decided to stay put and not be with family. I’ve found myself feeling frustrated with the world situation and worrying what it will be like at Christmas. It’s so easy this year to focus on all the lack and miss the things we used to take for granted back when our lives were “normal.” But I feel like this year is also putting a spotlight on what we do have. I’m thankful that Zoom allows us to still “see” our loved ones, that I have a tribe to hunker down with (half made up of fur babies), and that my work allows me to send distance Reiki or do a reading for whoever needs support.

Moments will always come up of frustration, inconvenience, and the sting of painful things. But when we look past the surface of that, we become more present, aligned with what’s most important to us, and we’re able to cherish what’s in front of us more than we did before.

So here's to a happy, safe Thanksgiving for all. I’m most thankful for protective horses, nurturing cats, lessons learned, and truly all of you. ✨🙏🏼✨

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I have gratitude for you, Paula, and your wonderful work! ✨


Paula Taylor
Paula Taylor
Nov 26, 2020

Thank you, Julie, for all your reminders about the universality of Life, felling gratitude for you and all the Light Workers this Thanksgiving. Have a great time with your furry clan.

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