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What Do You Expect?

The other day when I couldn’t find my cat Calla, I asked my other cat Faro directly to please tell me where she was. Now, I’ve written about when this happened before—I had asked my boyfriend where Calla was, and Faro walked to a closed closet door, behind which Calla was sleeping peacefully on a stack of towels. It all happened so brilliantly that time, that this time I went straight to Faro.

That’s when an odd thing happened: I felt a nudge toward my boyfriend’s drum set. I immediately wanted to dismiss it because I’ve never seen either of my cats under the drum set in my life, and also because it didn’t feel like typical animal communication—in other words, I didn’t hear the words “look under the drum set,” or see a mental picture of the drums. It literally felt like I was being energetically guided.

Just for kicks, I looked under the set, and there I caught a glimpse of Calla’s two white paws stretched out comfortably—she was sleeping peacefully in the space under the bass drum.

When I had asked Faro where Calla was, I knew we were connecting intuitively; it just didn’t play out the way I was expecting, the way it usually does, like a conversation. There are lots of ways animals can get messages to us. In that moment, I’d been focused on what usually happens for me, and when it happened differently as an energetic nudge, I doubted it.

On the first day of my second trip to Costa Rica, I asked my new partner Cosmo the horse if there was anything I needed to know about the week ahead. I expected an answer like, “Get ready—this is going to be intense,” based on my experience of deep soul work the year before with Mr. Big. Instead, Cosmo gave me a picture of his legs in water, which was completely random and perplexing, leading me to doubt my intuitive abilities. Fast forward to the last day, when my group got to play in a river with our horses. It was the best time ever and a culmination of what Cosmo had ended up teaching me throughout that week—the importance of joy and play, no matter what. The coolest thing was, our teachers didn’t plan on taking us to that river until the night before the last day. Talk about unexpected.

One time when I invited a new client’s cat to connect with me in a reading, I saw a still image of an orange tabby cat. It was like looking at a photo in a book. This had never happened before in a reading—I always see the animal moving in some way that informs me of their personality. When I couldn’t get this cat to do what I expected, I accepted that this was some kind of message and told the client what I saw—an orange tabby cat frozen in time, in one pose.

She replied, “Well, my cat isn’t orange, but I’m sitting in front of my statue of an orange tabby cat right now.” That’s when I felt her cat’s energy move and show me how clever, smart, and mischievous he was. His unexpected message took me right to his essence—a jokester—which my client then confirmed with a laugh.

It’s amazing the information we can receive when we release expectations and our preconceived notions of how we think things are supposed to work. Detaching from the outcome is what leads us to the answers every time. It can be easy to feel our routines and comfort zones are safer, but just spending time in nature, meditating, or moving our bodies regularly can move the vibration and get us more grounded, connected, and open to trusting what life will deliver to us. I love that the universe has the ability to constantly surprise us, and more and more, I love expecting that surprise and all the wisdom it brings. 🎉💜

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