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Web of Light

Last week when I connected in with Mr. Big, the horse I worked with in Costa Rica, he appeared to me as a darker color than his true brown coat. I know from experience this is a sign for me that something tough is ahead. (I usually get frustrated because he doesn’t tell me what’s going to happen—only that it will be rough.) Then I saw him shed the color and become his beautiful brown self again…in full riding gear for some reason, which he never had on when I worked with him.

A few days ago, I found out that Nell, a very special cat in my life, was suddenly not doing well, and so I went to see her for the last time. Over the past seven years, I’ve had the honor of both living with Nell and staying with her to cat sit when her person wasn’t able to be with her. Nell is an incredibly wise, strong, master of unconditional love and an amazing teacher to me. I had a special nickname for her. We accepted each other’s quirks. We’ve been through it all together. And even though Nell is 23 years old(!), when I heard the news, I was shocked and broken.

Before I went to see her for the last time, I texted another animal communicator friend of mine who tapped into Nell’s energy and then texted back: “I see her walking away down a path, and as she does she shows me her body won't be holding her back anymore. She shows me she’s shedding it like a coat.”

That’s when I realized Mr. Big’s warning was of Nell’s passing. Before I was able to tell my friend about the connection, she texted: “So strange because as I was typing this, the horse-and-rider emoji showed up somehow accidentally.”

I got to have a few hours with Nell that day and express my love and have our good-bye moment. A little while after I got home, Nell’s person told me Nell had passed peacefully on her own. An hour later, a notification popped up on my phone that someone liked one of my pictures—that random someone’s Instagram handle happened to be my exact nickname for Nell.

The day that Nell passed was my birthday. It was painful and horrible and at the same time, I can see now how many gifts I was given that day. I used to get upset when Mr. Big warned me of future hard things. Now I see he’s telling me that he’ll be with me through whatever comes. We’re all connected, even our animals who have never “met” each other. We’re all one big web, holding each other up. All we have to do is open up and stay connected, and the universe gives us all the notifications we need to know we’re never alone. 🏇🏼🐈❤️

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