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Unleashing the Magic

My second appearance on The Psychic Wives podcast just came out this week, where we discuss our favorite examples of the magic that happens all around us, all the time. In the show, we chat about crazy cool stuff we’ve seen play out in readings (funny, touching, and just OMG wow) and astounding signs we’ve received in everyday life (for me, those range from feathers appearing out of nowhere to a stranger immediately answering the question in my head).

You don’t have to be psychic or an energy healer to experience the magic showing up. I truly believe our cosmic support is always poised and ready to go with all kinds of things we can’t imagine, just so we can be reminded of what’s really real: love, energy, and connection. All we need to do is allow it in.

So how do you do that?

I’ve always found that the more you acknowledge it, the more it comes. So whatever you resonate with—angels, spirit guides, universal energy, loved ones on the other side—just start thanking them and letting them know that you know they’re there. Tell them all the things you’re grateful for. Light a candle for them, read up on guides or angels, tell a friend what was so special about your grandma on the other side.

Next, leave it to them. Detach from the when, where, and how and trust that that crazy cool thing will show up when you least expect it. They’re the experts, and they know exactly what will get your attention.

Lastly, do what you love. The more you take time to dive into what makes your heart sing—be it literal singing, knitting, sports, or long hot baths—the more you connect with your authentic self. This leads to your human-life clutter floating away, your vibration rising, and the doors opening up to real, energetic connection. Spirit always rewards honoring yourself.

Right after we finished recording this week’s podcast, my boyfriend came into the room, and I got up from the desk to chat with him. As I was telling him about the magic we discussed on the podcast, we heard our toilet flush from way on the other side of the apartment. We just stood there looking at each other, jaws dropped. No one else was in our home, our cats weren’t anywhere near the bathroom, and it’s never flushed on its own before.

Then I remembered what my favorite phrase is for the appearance of signs and psychic hits: You can’t make this $#!+ up! And we had just spent an hour acknowledging that. The flush felt like a total thumbs up for taking time to celebrate the magic all around us.

So, get ready—your cosmic support could show up with a serious sense of humor and a talent for manipulating plumbing. Spirit has an uncanny ability to deliver the love by any means necessary. ❤️😁

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