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The Time Is Now

As part of my mediumship studies, I often invite any of my loved ones on the other side to come through to me in my morning meditation. Recently I’ve been wondering why I rarely hear from my grandmother Hazel. She wasn’t one to be shy in life—quite the opposite—so it’s been puzzling. Also, I realized I hadn’t heard from my cat Willow in a really long time either.

Cut to last Wednesday when I dropped everything to take our cat Calla to the vet because she didn’t seem well. I couldn’t get in at my regular vet, but finally found one that had an opening. All of this completely stressed me out and brought up huge amounts of fear. But then I resolved to keep my energy centered and calm for Calla’s sake.

Waiting as peacefully as I could outside the vet due to distancing rules, I wondered if this practice was a better fit for Calla than my original vet. Just then two pet parents waiting near me started talking. One said she was picking up meds for “Willow.” The other said, “You know, these are the best doctors. I’ve been taking my animals here for years.” (Message received…and thankfully Calla ended up being fine.)

Later that day I got on a Zoom mediumship circle, where my teacher Lisa Williams started a demo reading, not knowing which of us it was for. She said she was connecting with a woman who “has nice hair, is quite the character, and is saying you have her ring and her watch—and her watch stopped.” Completely and utterly shocked, I knew it was Hazel. And I was the only one of the 116 people on Zoom that that information made sense to.

On an August day over twenty years ago, I was wearing Hazel’s watch as usual—she was 93 then—and in the late afternoon I saw that it had stopped. It felt monumental and other-worldly to me because that watch NEVER stopped. Later that same day, my parents called to tell me Hazel had passed.

My grandmother conveying to Lisa that the watch stopped is the most profound message I could have received. I felt like I had jumped to the day she passed. I saw where I was and felt in my body what it felt like.

Linear time is so human, so 3-D. Those on the other side don’t keep time like we do, if at all. They are always with us, but when they do the mic drop, it’s really something.

Currently life can feel like a struggle all around, and it’s easy to forget about the support that’s inherently there. The more we wonder and open up to it though, the more we’re back in the flow of peace, love, and connection—and that never stops. ❤️

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Patty Daley
Patty Daley
15 jul 2020

I love the Willow brought you to a new vet. And that Hazel reached out to you as well. Isn't that lovely and so life affirming? I'm tickled for you. <3

Me gusta
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