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The Science of Hunches

I’ve had several animal communication clients lately who, when I tell them information their pet is giving me, they’ll respond with, “I had a hunch that was true,” or “I had a feeling about that.” Sometimes it feels like the reading is meant to show the client how intuitive they really are and help them trust their gut.

I’m never surprised when this happens, because we’re all psychic.

a dog showing intuition and psychic senses

We’re all made of energy (atoms and molecules vibrating at a frequency), as is everything around us. And energy carries information. That’s a fact. Chakras (energy centers) govern the flow of energy in our bodies and connect us to the energy around us, sort of like a superhighway with on-ramps, exits, and junctions.

How about when you feel someone looking at you, and you turn to catch them in the act? That person was focusing his or her energy on you and you sensed it, but not with your physical senses. Everyone’s had an experience where they’ve had a really good feeling about something, but they can’t explain why. Or you took a left turn instead of a right, and you found the perfect shop, parking place, or person. Many folks claim that the first time they met their significant other, they just knew he or she was the one. Sometimes, you walk into a house and it just feels good, or into a room where people are, and it feels uncomfortable or like things are “on edge.”

All of that is energetic information, and you’re not even making an effort to receive it—it happens naturally. A lot of times, though, we’ll dismiss hunches or gut instincts because they don’t seem logical or real, when actually the science of energy explains how real they are.

Animals aren’t held back by the human need for logic or a common-sense explanation. Often you’ll see dogs waiting at a window right before their person arrives home from work—whether the person is coming home at the usual time or not. Our kitty Faro will sometimes plant himself at the end of our front hallway and stare at the apartment door for about thirty minutes before my boyfriend comes home. All Faro has to do is energetically connect with Adam and receive the information that his vibration is shifting from work to commute (Adam’s travel time is about half an hour). That same kind of connection is what I do in an animal communication reading with my clients’ pets.

We all have the ability to hit the keys of a piano (it takes no effort at all), but we can study and practice to hone the skill if we choose. It’s the same with being psychic—we can all effortlessly receive energetic information, and we can sharpen those skills if we want. But we don’t all have to take a class or become a professional psychic. The more we’re aware of how energy works, the more we can trust our own intuition and be in the flow of life. And that feels like coming home. ✨🏡✨

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