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The Physics of Connection (and Why It's Easy)

I'm in a mediumship mastermind class where, last week on Zoom, we practiced doing readings one at a time in front of the group. So, each of us did a reading in front of everyone, connecting in with someone on other side who was connected to someone in our Zoom group.

Intuitive animal communication reading with a dog and crystals

Our teacher had us use an interesting method at the start of our readings: We were to tell a story or just talk about a random topic and then allow that to springboard us into a connection with Spirit.

When it was my turn, I explained how I was holding my favorite amethyst stone in my hand, and that it was uniquely shaped like a foot. I said that it felt good, smooth, and comforting to hold, and that it fit in my hand perfectly. Almost immediately, I felt a man on the other side connect in with me, showing me he loved working with his hands with natural materials, as a carpenter. He showed me a few more things about him, including his initial, and one of the other students raised her hand, recognizing him as her dad.

Here's where it got super interesting — this other student then revealed that she was currently wearing an amethyst around her neck and was also holding a stone shaped like a foot.

So, since my attention had been on the crystal in my hand, that’s the signal my energy put out into the ether. The other student’s loved one received the signal loud and clear because it’s a similar frequency to the energy his daughter was holding. Like attracts like. One frequency will bring in and match a similar frequency. It’s how we “randomly” meet our best friends, our partners, and how we find the career we’re meant for. It’s pretty much simply physics, but it’s extraordinary every time it happens.

Another crucial thing that happened in this reading was that I wasn’t thinking too much. I was just talking about my favorite crystal. I had set an intention of being in a group to explore mediumship and to connect with Spirit that day. But in that moment, I was relaxed and was letting go of trying. That’s why you often hear you’ll meet your soul mate when you least expect to. Or an unbelievable job opportunity will come to you when you’re not looking. You hold the desire, but your match meets you when you’re not overthinking.

So when you want to connect with one of your loved ones on the other side (human or animal), talk about them, look at their picture, hold something that was theirs, and know that they are there. Just know it without overthinking. Years ago, I had looked at my grandmother’s picture for a while before I went to sleep, then woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. My digital alarm clock showed my grandmother’s house number, and I immediately felt her there. I’d dialed up her frequency, let go and fell asleep, and she answered.

It's all the same when you want to connect intuitively with your own animal who’s here on this plane. Let go of mental chatter, take deep, centering breaths and focus your energy from your heart space to your animal. They will feel it and respond. A few years back when I was visiting my friend Diana in Milwaukee, we sat in her living room with her dog Yogi. When I shut my eyes, centered myself, and from my heart asked Yogi to connect his energy with mine, he immediately turned his head to look at me. I wasn’t facing him or looking at him, but my energetic focus was lovingly inviting him in, without pushing. Every time I spoke to Diana to tell her what Yogi was telling me, he’d look at her. Then when I focused back on our energetic connection, he’d look at me again.

I think I love my amethyst crystal so much because it is shaped like a foot. The crystal holds so much helpful, magical energy, and its shape reminds me that I have that energy in me too, that it’s such a basic part of all of us. Whenever we focus our vibration on something from a heart-based, centered place, we receive something, learn something, and connect with something that expands our experience. It’s my energetic version of always starting off on the right foot, and it really takes you places. ✨💜

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