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The Manifesting Rock Star

Murphy, a thirty-one year old male eagle at the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri, has been in the news, having recently gone viral. Most journalistic takes relay his story as an amazing coincidence. And then last night, my niece forwarded me a TikTok that describes Murphy (with a brilliant mix of humor and sincerity) as being a genius manifestor. Admittedly right on brand, I’m going with the latter.

Murphy has spent most of his life at the sanctuary, due to a wing injury that prevents him from flying. Even though he’s never been a father nor chosen to mate with any other eagle in the sanctuary, last month he carefully built a nest and began guarding and caring for his offspring…which turned out to be a rock. He even became increasingly aggressive toward other eagles who dared come near his rock, so the folks at the sanctuary, noting that they’d never seen an eagle protect his nest that passionately, moved Murphy and his rock to their own enclosure.

The scientific explanation to this behavior is a spring hormonal surge, which I don’t doubt. But what happened weeks into this behavior was that an orphaned eaglet showed up at the sanctuary needing a parent. This (and the above mentioned TikTok) made me consider what all of Murphy’s focused energy and attention could have possibly put out into the world.

Because of Murphy’s behavior, the sanctuary decided to see if he’d like to parent the eaglet. Soon Murphy got exactly what he’d desired, as he started to protect and feed the young one and care for it as his own.

In one article I read, CEO of the Wild Bird Sanctuary Dawne Gifford says, “He was sitting on a rock and everybody told him, ‘It’s a rock, it’s not going to hatch,’ and all of a sudden, in his mind, it hatched and he has a chick.” Or as I would put it…and all of a sudden in reality he has a chick.

It's clear Murphy was fully committed — mind, body, and soul — to the fact that he was going to have an eaglet. He believed it and he behaved as if. That’s what all the law of attraction experts say to do. If you put that emotional energy out there (energy carries information) and focus that energy on your desire, the universe has to match your desire because like attracts like.

I’ve done it myself when I chose to focus on the feeling that finding a great, affordable apartment is easy (in contrast to always feeling in my bones that it’s the hardest thing ever). I then “randomly” met a broker who showed me an apartment that wasn’t even on the market yet and had everything I’d been looking for, and it became mine. I did it when I was about to have surgery and decided the best thing would be for me to encounter a Michael in the hospital because then I’d know Archangel Michael was protecting me. I focused on it and felt it, and then a very handsome anesthesiologist came into pre-op and introduced himself to me as Michael. His nametag was the last thing I saw before I went under for that successful procedure.

It's the law of energy, the law of the universe, and it’s super doable. It’s why managing our own energy before doing Reiki or before intuitively connecting with an animal is what helps it all happen. Learning how to move and clear our own energy facilitates connections, helps information flow, and makes room for healing. Deep belly breaths have a physiological effect on the energy of our nervous system. Specific chants carry soundwave information that opens up energy in amazing ways. We can move and affect what comes into our lives, affecting our own health and our own journeys.

Yes, we can see the timing of Murphy’s behavior and the eaglet arriving at the sanctuary as a crazy coincidence. But we can also look at it as energy moving stuff in the world. Love making things happen. Maybe Murphy even knew this eaglet would need a home and was preparing, because energy and its information don’t necessarily move in a linear fashion. There’s so much we don’t know, but I feel like Murphy knows more than we do. And I’m grateful he got the media coverage because his story is moving energy too, making people feel things.

Murphy can’t fly, but he made things happen. Maybe he also wanted us to know that nothing can hold us back. 💜

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