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The Inside GPS

The other day I visited a chiropractor who, after doing one muscle test on my ankles, said, “That tells me I need to go here.”

She then put her hand on the very specific spot on my back that has been causing me grief for years. I had told this chiropractor about my shoulder pain and migraines, but I hadn’t mentioned that spot on my back that’s just always there. When she asked my body, it directed her to the answer. After she focused on that spot, I, my shoulders, and my head walked out of there feeling brand spanking new.

Years ago my friend Diana, an amazing healer, would tell me that I had all the answers in me. It used to frustrate me because wisdom felt super elusive and life often confusing. But she was absolutely right. The energy in us and around us contains a huge wealth of information. Back then, I worked late every day and weekends too and was just going through the motions. I didn’t have the space to hear the answers.

When I first began studying shamanism and Reiki, the answers started to reveal themselves. I was clearing away all the noise and connecting back to myself and the Earth, animals, and Spirit. During my first practice exercise in my first Reiki course, my thought in that moment was, “Oh, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.” The lightbulb went on super bright, and it set me off in a new direction of natural alignment.

We all have access to the answers within us, but often the human ego can drown them out. On my first trip to Costa Rica to work with horses, I did an exercise with a stallion named Juano. I stood blindfolded in the arena and was told to connect with Juano, despite not knowing where he was elsewhere in the arena. Still studying intuitive animal communication at the time, I was full of doubts and fully feeling my lack of experience with horses. I had health problems and was scared I wouldn’t have enough energy to do my best. In the middle of that arena, I defined myself as failure and weakness.

But as I connected in with Juano, I saw a visual of my legs transforming into a tree trunk with roots extending deep into the ground. Strength, expansion, and confidence filled my body. He was showing me my true self. The workshop teacher asked me to move toward Juano, and I took a few steps to the back and the right where I felt drawn. When I took the blindfold off, I was face to face with the beautiful stallion. I had surrendered, listened, and moved in the direction of truth and connection.

We're not always in an arena with a beautifully wise horse, so here are three easy things you can do to open up to the answers: 1. Clear your energy (as simple as slow belly breaths, chanting, or becoming still) 2. Clear your space (Decluttering moves the energy in you and around you and makes room for the good stuff to come in.) 3. Clear your schedule (Carve out me-time for doing what you love—it’s a shortcut straight back to yourself.)

The key? Do the above when it feels right. Don’t force it or try. Just feel and be.

One time as I walked down the block to the beach at the Jersey shore, a cat came out from behind a house, made a beeline for me, and plopped down in front of me on the sidewalk. I bent down to pet him and told him how handsome he was. A moment later, I walked a few more yards and stopped short as a car backed out of a narrow driveway in front of me at top speed.

I knew that cat had stalled me and saved me. The cat knew exactly when to meet me. The universe knew how to guide me to the beach safe and sound.

The more we open to the flow, the more the answers and directions unfold within us. Step forward, be still, turn here. We can be high-vibration know-it-alls, where the “all” is truth and love. 💜

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