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The Great Comeback

Often in an animal communication reading for a pet who’s crossed over, the client will ask me if their beloved animal will come back to them in this life, reincarnated as another pet. It’s so understandable why we would want this, as we miss them so much after they pass and just want them near us in the physical. When I ask animals this question, they usually tell me they are and always will be right with their person, just in a different energetic form. Sometimes they’ll show me a future pet that they will be connected to and communicate with. I’m not discounting reincarnation in the same life, but it does blow me away how our pets on the other side can reach us—or reappear—in creative, unexpected ways.

This holiday, I arranged for someone new to cat sit my two kitties for a couple of days. I prepped her as best I could, explaining that Faro is the more anxious one and not as open to affection with new people as Calla is—she’s the outgoing love bug of the two.

After each visit, the sitter sent me updates and left me notes. Surprisingly, I saw pics of her petting Faro (he made it clear that’s what he wanted), of her quietly hanging out with him on the couch, and of the two of them watching the rain together. Turns out Calla was the skittish one, racing off instead of wanting pets and cuddles. The sitter told me it was wonderful to enjoy these moments with Faro because he looked so much like her cat who had passed recently, who was gray and white like Faro. Then she sent me a picture of her cat and I gasped at the resemblance, down to the unique patch of white around the nose and the white-to-gray ratio on the feet and legs.

And then it was clear to me why neither of my cats was behaving as I predicted. They both knew what the sitter needed: time to bond with a cat who was a sweet reminder of her lost love. I’m sure Faro held space for her, made her laugh and feel loved. And I’m sure her cat on the other side was participating fully in this exchange.

Several years ago when I was just starting my animal communication studies, I did Reiki on a beautiful dark brown horse who had a white spot on his forehead. During the session, he told me I needed to be way more confident in my work and abilities. Immediately after, I received a tarot card reading where the reader told me my grandmother was coming through with a message for me to be bolder and more confident. Soon after that I found a picture of my grandmother with her horse who she rode as a young woman—a beautiful dark brown horse with a white spot on his forehead. A few months later, I found myself in Costa Rica for a workshop where a beautiful dark brown horse with a white spot on his forehead chose me to work with him. He taught me many profound lessons about stepping into who I wanted to be.

And then there was the time, a year after my beloved Willow passed that I spent my first night with my cat named Nell. As I brushed my teeth, she came into the bathroom and twitched her tail—an uber-specific behavior Willow had done every night. It was clear to me that Nell was passing on blessings and love from Willow, and I’ll never forget it.

Will our beloved pets come back to us in physical form? They often feel they don’t need to because they’re already around us. But they work with each other and make appearances to get their messages across because they know we need them, and it helps us to heal and grow.

It’s like they’re always putting out sequels to the best movies ever—and they’re all the most epic love stories. ♥️

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