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The Energetic Standing O

When I’m talking about Reiki, I like to describe it in terms of nature, where the energy is always moving toward balance. Ecosystems naturally balance themselves out. Species evolve and adapt to their environment. Flowers slowly track to face the sun. That energy is within us too—we’re part of nature. We are it and are surrounded by it. So if we allow that movement toward balance to flow in us and are open to receive it, we’ll thrive, be at peace, and be at our best. That’s why a Reiki session feels so good—the restoring of balance gives us a reset in the middle of our hectic human lives.

I love seeing how we're moved toward balance outside of a Reiki session, too. Recently I was interviewed about animal communication on the RevUP & Awaken podcast, where the host Miriam Silver mentioned how her cat will all of a sudden start racing around the house. She said, “He’s probably just telling me to run around too because I’m always in my head too much and not enough in the physical.” She’s right on. When our animals start playing and running and getting their ya-yas out, it’s an instant mood lifter, an automatic lightening of our energy, and a signal we may be getting stagnant or serious…a.k.a. out of alignment with our natural energy flow.

The first day that I met Mr. Big, the horse I worked with in a workshop in Costa Rica, I was sitting in a chair in an arena with my eyes closed as he stood in front of me—we were having quiet bonding time. Suddenly I started to worry that because I was experiencing chronic fatigue, my body was going to let me down in the week ahead, and I wouldn’t be at my best. Right when I felt how tired I was in my legs, Mr. Big rubbed his head against my leg twice--very encouraging “you can do it” rubs. And then I felt a lot of things. I felt so blown away that he knew specifically what I was feeling, I felt my heart open, I felt like yeah, I can really do this. And like that, I was transported to a state of balance and freedom.

I listened to one of Conan O’Brien’s podcasts recently where he claimed that if he did a monologue while having a serious physical illness, he knows for sure that a good audience would cure him completely. What’s a good audience? Energy that’s pure support and wants you to thrive. You may think you’re not standing in front of a studio audience every day, but maybe you kind of are, with all that the energy around us has to offer. It’s responding to us and cheering us on every step of the way. Here’s to being so open and connected to it that we feel every single, amazing standing o.👏✨

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