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Team Spirit

A few days ago I took another two-day mediumship course with Lisa Williams on Zoom, where we’re randomly paired in breakout groups to do readings for other students. I was having a blast when, on the second day, I was paired with another woman and hit a road block. When I connect with a person on the other side, it’s clear right away if I’m connected to a man or a woman. In this reading, the connection felt hazy, and I couldn’t get a clear feel. That’s never happened to me before, and as I was trying to connect in closer, it felt like the person on the other side was being cheeky and deliberately holding back.

Then out of the blue my partner asked, “Are you good with animals?”

This woman knew nothing about me, and it turns out she very desperately wanted to hear from her pet on the other side. So I set the intention to connect with her animal instead of a person. I brought in her cat who told me he was male and showed me aspects of his wonderful personality. Then he came through with a profound, personal message for her.

Afterwards, I realized my partner’s people on the other side knew she needed to hear from her cat and receive his message, so they conspired to make it happen. They kind of manipulated the situation, leading her to ask me to connect with her pet. They may have even paired us together.

A year after my cat Willow passed, my other cat Nell came into my life. The first night I had with Nell, she came into the bathroom as I brushed my teeth, then twitched her tail and sat at my feet. It was the exact specific quirky behavior that Willow used to do when I brushed my teeth. I knew in that moment that they had teamed up—Willow had sent Nell to me, Nell had received her instructions and was reporting for duty.

Often when I receive a mediumship reading, my two grandfathers come through together. It’s always surprising because they weren’t close in this life. But in Spirit, they are two peas in a pod. It always feels amazing when they show up together…like I am receiving double the support and love.

We always have a team joining forces to root for us, and we're often unaware of the magic they’re making behind the scenes—maneuvering things so opportunities pop up, guiding us down one street instead of another, nudging us to call an old friend at just the right time. Whenever we feel defeated or behind in the game of life, if we can remember it’s a team sport, complete with cheerleaders having our backs in mysterious, wonderful ways, we won’t be down for long.✨✨✨

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