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Plasmids, Paws, and Prayer

I recently read about an experiment Dr. Joe Dispenza did at one of his retreats, where he trains attendees on raising their vibration, rewiring their brains, and reconditioning their bodies for healing through meditation. Placed in the room with the retreat participants were samples of cloned bacteria whose plasmids had been programmed to produce either green or red protein. The attendees weren’t told the samples were in the room, and throughout the duration of the retreat, and the plasmids produced an equal amount of red and green protein that resulted in an overall brown/pink appearance in the samples.

cat paws giving Reiki to a person's hand

On the last day of the retreat, Dr. Joe told the group about the bacteria and asked them to tune into the plasmids and focus their intention on the outcome of green. Basically he was asking them to get clear, raise their vibration, and fall in love with the color green. I mean, when you raise your vibration as much as Dr. Joe teaches you to, it’s nothing but clear, nonjudgmental bliss.

A professor of biology at Ithaca College studied the bacteria and determined that after that group’s focused meditation on the final day of the retreat, there was a dramatic shift from overall brown/pink to a distinct increase of green.

I love it when science proves that energy and intention can produce an outcome. When I do distance Reiki, I’m focusing on supporting my clients’ own healing abilities and helping their own energy flow in a balanced way. It doesn’t matter that I’m in Brooklyn and my client is across the country or we’re an ocean apart. The retreat attendees weren’t physically touching the bacteria—they were just sitting in the same room. Had they been in another location apart from the samples, I bet they’d get the same result.

This experiment also shows how powerful group prayer is. When a time and date are set for a group of people around the world to stop what they’re doing and pray for something loved-based like healing or peace in a certain part of the world, that energy moves to the recipients of the intention.

A few weeks ago, five voicemails came through on my phone dated from two weeks prior. Why so late, I had no idea. One of them was from my cousin, whose message said she’d love to chat and catch up. I texted her to apologize for the delay in my response and we planned to chat a few days later. About an hour into our phone conversation, she told me she had to stop chatting and join a group prayer—a bunch of friends were going to pray for another friend who was having a hard time. My cousin asked me if I wanted to join and I happily did. And we couldn’t help but think, did her voicemail come through two weeks late and did we end up talking on that specific day so one more person could join in and add to the intention?

A few years ago I suffered from horrible back pain prior to my kidney stone surgery. One night it was so bad that I reached out to my Reiki master teacher who then sent me distance Reiki from across town. As I lay on my side in a fetal position in bed during the session, my cat jumped up on the bed behind my back and placed her paw on the base of my neck. This was not a regular behavior for her—she usually sat on stomach or on the pillow next to my head. This was a deliberate placement of her paw, and she kept it there for a long time. As I felt the soothing energy running down my back, the pain gradually eased up and I fell asleep. The next day my Reiki teacher told me she had directed the energy to the base of my neck to flow down my back. I knew my cat had sensed that and joined in—it was my own group healing session where a person and an animal joined to direct beams of love to the same destination.

With an elevated intention, we can move energy on our own, and I think when we do, like energy attracts and joins forces with us. The universe, our guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side only want us to move in the direction of healing and love and peace, and we can make that happen in tandem with them. Our natural state is balance and love, and there’s so much within us and around us that wants us to return to that vibration. And it’s not hard to do. It’s actually easy being green. 💚

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