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Nudges From the Other Side

A few days ago, I did an animal communication reading for a client’s dog on the other side. At one point, my cat Willow came up in the conversation of the reading because there were similarities between her and my client's dog, but I didn’t mention her name. For the rest of the reading, I kept feeling a nudge to tell the client Willow’s name, but I didn’t know why. When I eventually did toward the end of the session, my client explained how that name was significant to her and played a major role in her life. Having that “Willow” connection between us underscored the client’s messages from her dog and validated her intuitive decision to connect with me for a reading.

About a week ago, I started feeling some grief come up again for Nell, one of my other cats who is on the other side. On one day in particular, I wondered why I hadn’t received a sign from her in a long time. The following day while my boyfriend and I were walking home from the grocery store, he suddenly asked out of the blue, “Have you heard from Nell lately?”

I hadn’t said a word to him about my resurgent grief or how I’d wondered why I hadn’t heard from Nell. He hadn’t even known Nell well, and I wouldn’t expect him to think of her often. His question shocked and surprised me, and I knew it was a message directly from Nell. A few days later, still feeling stunned about his question, I asked him what moved him to ask me about that specific thing. He thought for a second and replied, “I don’t have an explanation for it.”

Last year when I was taking a mediumship class on Zoom, I was partnered with a woman I’d never met before, and I brought through a friend of hers on the other side. After our one-on-one practice, the class broke for lunch, and for some reason my partner felt the urge to turn on the TV. As soon as she did, she saw her friend’s last name on the screen, as part of a news story about someone with his same surname.

Our loved ones on the other side are always trying to connect with us. Sometimes they get through loud and clear, but sometimes their messages are subtle hints for us to look at a clock or shuffle our playlist or go down a different street. Sometimes they work through our boyfriends or a silly commercial or our own intuition. Every time it happens, it’s them answering our desire to hear from them, connecting us with love and compassion, and showing us they’re always and forever with us.

I love that my boyfriend told me he had no explanation for his question to me. We don’t have to understand exactly how our loved ones on the other side do what they do…For me, having no explanation is actually proof it’s them.

So the next time you feel a nudge to do something and you don’t know why, don’t let doubts or hesitation get in the way. Just go with the flow and let your loved ones do that mic drop that you happily can’t explain. ✨✨✨

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