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Message Received.

The other day before I got off the phone with my mom to get on a weekly Zoom mediumship circle, I said, “I’ll let you know who comes through!”

Then in the circle, expecting one of my usual relatives to show up, I was delighted when my mom’s good friend Naomi came through. The reader described her physique, her laugh, and her energetic personality to a T, and passed on her message for my mom. Afterwards when I relayed this to my mom, she asked me if I was surprised her friend came through to me. I had only met Naomi a couple of times, and certainly my mom knew her much better than I did. But I wasn’t surprised. Our loved ones come through however they can, often in magical ways.

When I was on The Psychic Wives Podcast recently, we talked about messages meant for us that sometimes come through other people. At times we may be so deep in grief or shock, our loved ones find it easier to come through to someone else, but the message is still directly for us.

Late last spring, the brother of my dear friend (I’ll call her Carrie) passed away. Carrie lives in another state, and I was frustrated that I couldn’t be right there to hug and comfort her. But shortly after her brother’s passing, I dreamed about him: I was at Carrie’s wedding, and I was seated between her sister and her brother at the reception. I turned to look at her brother and said… “Oh! You’re the one who just crossed over!” He had a beaming smile on his face and talked to me enthusiastically about how happy he was.

I felt very grateful that he came through to me in that dream, and that I could tell Carrie he was ok, happy, and at peace. It definitely felt like a message completely for her.

Then a few months ago, Carrie lost her father as well. Again frustrated that I couldn’t physically be there for her, I waited for her father to show up in my dreams so I could pass on a message from him. When it didn’t happen, I knew there had to be a reason, but I wasn’t sure why.

About a month later, Carrie texted me to say she had just dreamed about her dad, and the next day she heard the song that they danced to at their wedding. In the dream he was happy and doing what he loved—his way of showing her he was doing just fine. And then I knew for whatever reason, Carrie was ready or needed to hear from her dad directly, and he made it happen.

Soon after we adopted our cat Calla, she began the habit of coming into the bedroom at night meowing loudly and carrying a toy in her mouth. Coco, the cat we had when I was growing up, did the exact same thing, and I knew it was her way of coming through to let me know she’s connected to me and to Calla. I wish I dreamed about Coco, but this connection to her is awesome and wonderful, too.

As humans, we can get hung up on when and how messages come through, but the more we let all of that go and give it up to the ones we love on the other side, the more we can allow ourselves to receive the gift however it comes, knowing it will all play out for our best and highest good. (Even if it’s hearing a crazy-loud meow of love just when you’re trying to fall asleep.) ❤️

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