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It Takes All Kinds of Kindness

Yesterday when I sat down in the salon chair to get a haircut, my stylist Anne noticed a bee buzzing inside the front window, seemingly oblivious to the cracked-open front door a foot away. Anne excused herself, went into the back, and returned with a glass jar and a piece of paper. I watched her gingerly place the jar over the bee on the window, then slowly slide the paper between the window and the jar. She then carefully pulled the edges of the paper around the jar and gently moved the jar to the door. I heard her say, “I know, I know. It’s ok. Just hang in there.” And then she released the bee outside.

On my way home from my appointment, a video popped up on my Facebook feed about a man whose garden was being eaten up by two groundhogs, so he decided to plant a garden just for them, full of their favorite veggies. After some months, their groundhog babies showed up as well to feast on their own private garden. The gardener named each groundhog and found great joy in the whole experience.

This morning I saw a story about a woman who, when she found a sick swan while biking on Long Island, carried the 17-pound bird a mile, got on the subway, and took him to the Wild Bird Fund clinic on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The swan is currently being treated there and is in stable condition.

For the past week or so, when I’ve seen tons of conflict, arguments, and lack of healthy communication on social media, it has gotten to me. It’s thrown me off balance and made me feel bad. It’s been challenging to get back into alignment, so I asked the universe to show me how. That’s when the universe showed up with examples of kindness after kindness.

The energy we live in is always moving toward balance, and we’re given what we need when we need it. Maybe there’s always going to be conflict, but there’s always going to be kindness too…and which is better for us to focus on? Kindness isn’t just helping another. We benefit so much ourselves by doing the “good deed”—there’s almost nothing better to clear lower vibrations and lighten our energy.

Sometimes we can feel helpless with everything going on around the globe, but just moving our focus toward kindness, love, and high vibration contributes to healing our world and consciousness. And we never have to do it alone—there’s always going to be a bee, a groundhog, or a swan to step in our path and show us the way. ✨ ✨✨

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