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If You Think About It...

A few days ago, I realized my two cats hadn’t chased each other around the apartment in a while. When they do, it’s pure play. They take turns running after each other, and when one catches up to the other, they either tap the other one gently like a “tag you’re it,” or they fake-pounce on the other one, purposely missing their playmate by a mile.

intuitive animal communication with a cat in a box

I had stopped what I was doing and thought for a minute about it, basically a pure, wondering-why and wishing-they-would thought. The next day, Faro and Calla chased each other in their usual comical way, much to my delight.

Two nights ago, I was lying on my bed talking to my mom on the phone. It was around the cats’ dinner time, and I explained that Faro had come into the bedroom right on time, as he usually shows up on-the-dot for meal time wherever I am in the apartment. My mom asked if he ever jumps on the bed in this situation to get his point across, and I replied that he hadn’t jumped up on the bed in ages. Then I thought, “Wow I wish he’d get on the bed with me more.”

The next morning, Faro jumped on the bed.

These are so not coincidences. There's a lot of talk out there about the power of thought—that we are our thoughts, we can manifest with our thoughts, our thoughts affect our well-being—and my cats are living proof of this in real life all the time.

When it comes right down to it, our thoughts are energy. Energy carries information, and when you have animals (and so many things in the world around you) that understand and respond to energetic information, you literally see what your thoughts can bring.

It’s why, after being on a boat in the Bahamas for hours, when my animal communication teacher had our group imagine a pod of wild dolphins approaching us to play, focusing on inviting them in, that pod showed up with bells on (figuratively speaking). It’s a big ocean out there, but they heard our thoughts and came to the party, just as we were hoping they would.

It’s why prayer works. It’s why manifesting is especially effective when you pair desired emotions with thoughts. It’s why it’s easy—yes, easy—to intuitively communicate with your pets because they’re always listening, like little antennae always in receiving mode.

A while ago, I wondered if I should recycle a box that Faro once loved hanging out in because he hadn’t gotten into it in over a month. Fifteen minutes later, he jumped into it, curled up, and slept for hours. And it occurred to me, the more we think out of the box, the easier it is to align with the world around us. The more we wonder and invite, the more we're open to energy exchanges and new information…the more we’re in the zone and in tune with ourselves, each other, and the universe.

And I think that’s pretty cool—what do you think? ✨💜

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Thank you Carla - Saying prayers and sending love to you and Mango! 💜


I love this story. It's so true and such a good reminder.

Mango has surgery this Friday. I keep sending him reiki and healing thoughts. I am looking forward to seeing him leave the vet office with whatever he has behind him and leading a HEALTHY LONG LIFE.

Thanks you for sharing, Julie.



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