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Full Circle Support

In my meditation the other day, I saw my cat Willow’s favorite game. She’d jump into the tub and crouch down so only her ears were visible over the edge. I’d then toss her favorite mouse toy into the bathroom, and she’d leap out of the tub, burst out of the bathroom, and race to the other end of the apartment.

Still in my meditation, I then very clearly saw Willow lying on a sheet of plain newsprint packing paper that I always used to have on hand for her. She loved sleeping on it and scratching at it. I felt like Willow was sending a message from the other side about true connection, but I wasn’t sure what else.

Later that day, our cat Calla got very frisky and jumped into the tub, and I could see just her ears peeking out over the edge. She’d never done this before, so I knew I had to throw her favorite toy. When I did, she raced out of the tub with pure joy.

That evening, I received a package in the mail that contained plain newsprint packing paper. I couldn’t believe it and decided to spread it on the floor. Calla immediately got on the paper to lie down and stretch out in pure happiness.

Two days later, I took Calla to the vet for scheduled dental surgery. The vet had predicted she would need one tooth pulled, but after an x-ray, it was clear four teeth needed to be removed, including the top two canines which is pretty major surgery.

I was devastated and felt horrible for Calla. I immediately started sending her Reiki and asked friends to send Reiki. One friend texted me that she had pulled the Akashic Tarot card called “The Willow” that morning and thought of me. Then I realized Willow had been showing me that she was very connected to Calla and would be with her through all of this, which gave me tons of comfort.

In the first few days of her recovery, Calla spent a lot of time in the carpeted hallway where I had placed the newsprint paper. I was the hovering pet parent, with her around the clock, giving Reiki when I was awake enough. At one point I was lying next to Calla on the floor, texting with a friend telling her I didn’t know what else to do. My friend replied, “That’s all she needs—to know you’re with her.”

And then it came full circle: A few weeks before when I had a migraine, Calla snuggled with me for hours and it helped me so much—just her being with me.

There’s no need to ever feel like we’re not enough or can’t do enough. Why? Because showing we care is super powerful, and our celestial support (as well as really good friends) never fail to show up and act as healing backup.

I’m very grateful that Calla is doing much better, but she still has to wear a cone while her mouth heals. Our other cat Faro, who’s a rough-and-tumble boy, is being gentle with her and giving her space. And that’s how I know, right when we need them, miracles can happen too. ❤️

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