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Flying, Focusing, Finding

This Abraham-Hicks quote struck me recently:

“Everything, without exception, comes only by your individual invitation to it. When you give something your attention and it becomes your dominant vibration relative to the subject—that is your asking.”

While they’re talking about how everyone has the power to manifest what they want, I think it also speaks so much to the formidable power of attention and intention in terms of our energy—that those two things are so easy to access and to create miracles with every day.

I have a picture on my desk of my friend Diana who passed away back in October. After I finished my work the other day, I took a moment to pick up her picture, look into her eyes, and speak to her from my heart. It was the first time I’d done that (sometimes it’s too hard to just stop and look at her picture), and I heard my inner voice explain how much I missed her and how much I didn’t understand, and I asked her to help me in any way she could.

Then I left my desk and went to the living room to sink into the couch. About a minute later, I saw a flock of close-clustered birds fly energetically by my window. The next moment, they flew back across my window in the opposite direction, and repeated this movement a few times more, as I sat there in awe.

The last time—and the only time I’d ever seen a flock of birds at all from this apartment—was when I was sobbing on the couch the day Diana passed. That day the flock performed the same energetic flights in all directions. Yesterday, I knew immediately this was Diana speaking back to me, reassuring me everything’s ok and that just a few minutes of attention can get you an answer in the most profound and magical way.

It reminds me of one night many years ago, when I stared at my grandmother’s picture and talked to her before I fell asleep. That night, I woke up suddenly and looked at the clock to see her house number, knowing instantly she was saying hello back.

Yesterday I was thinking about how when we first adopted our cat Calla, I’d feel her rub against the back of my head while I meditated as I sat against the bed. When I got into position to meditate, she’d jump onto the bed and give me a purr-filled rub right when I was in the zone. But she hasn’t done that for about two years now, which I’d attributed to her inclination to find new favorite spots to hang out in at different times of the day.

To my surprise, this morning as I sat against the bed meditating on blogging about this “energy flows where attention goes” post, Calla jumped up onto the bed and purred next to my head, ingeniously proving my point. The other day, my attention had been on her doing just that, in that exact spot and moment. She received the energetic message and answered me.

It's easy to understand why some people find it hard to believe how distance Reiki could work. I’m doing something they can’t see, in a place far away from them. How on earth would healing energy reach them from my home office in Brooklyn to their couch in Kalamazoo? But there’s so much gentle power in attention and intention, and energy responds so easily to it. And it’s really kind of that simple.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and saw my grandmother’s house number on the clock again. The odds that I’d wake up at that exact time, blow me away. But I can explain it. My grandmother in spirit focused her attention on me and I answered.

Think how easy it is to make a phone call or to answer one. Just do the energetic equivalent—slow down and dial into anything you want to have or be or do. Or into any loved one you want to connect with.

Energy flows as easily as a flock of birds in the air, in any direction you want. ♥️

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