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Energy Is Everything

I’ve been doing a lot of distance Reiki sessions during quarantine, and afterwards I find myself thanking the client for being open to receiving the energy. I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone is open to Reiki or intuitive readings, since for most of us, all that stuff feels “woo woo,” and isn’t this normal thing we were taught, or have observed or experienced growing up.

It is the norm for animals, though. I remember when I was a Reiki student, my cat sitter hooked me up with seven of her clients in Manhattan who were game for letting me practice Reiki on their cats. After visiting all the cats, two things blew me away: 1) Each cat was fully ok with me, a stranger, coming into their home and giving them Reiki, and 2) Each person (none of them knew each other) used the same word—“perky”—when giving me feedback about their cat afterwards. The cats didn’t doubt or wonder, “Wait a minute, what is this Reiki thing and how does it work?” Instead they were like, “Cool, bring it on,” and received and felt the benefits.

A little while later, I traveled to a horseback riding school and gave Reiki to horses there. When I started sending the Reiki to Ullie from outside the half-door of his stall, he immediately turned around and backed up so my hands were at his back left hip and leg. Afterwards I met a teenage girl at the school who told me she was glad I gave him Reiki because his back left leg had been bothering him.

Animals are always aware of the life force energy that runs through all things and so Reiki makes perfect sense to them. Energy is actually a norm for us too, but we’re often unaware. It kicks in, for example, when we catch someone looking at us. We catch them because we FEEL the energy of them looking at us. That person may be wanting to get our attention, to admire what we’re wearing, or to figure out why we look familiar—in each case, they’re focusing their energy on us. A vibration is traveling to us, and we receive it. We turn to look because in that moment, we’re not consciously questioning if this sort of thing is possible or if we have the “power” to sense it. In other words, all of our human stuff isn’t getting in the way.

We’re made of energy; it’s where we came from. When we connect more with that, we get clearer, feel peace, and can heal. You can do it by stopping to take deep belly breaths, practice Thai Chi, do something that makes your heart sing. In essence, each time you connect with your energy and that of the universe, you’re acting like an animal—and that’s the best I could ever wish for anyone. ❤️

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