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Connections Beyond Time & Space

Recently a few people have asked me how I got my start in animal communication. Truthfully, all my life I’ve been fascinated and obsessed with psychics and mediums, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I was one of them. I didn’t realize until I started practicing animal Reiki, and the animals started talking to me. I describe this as a door being opened to a world I hadn’t known existed. What I hadn’t realized before was the level of connection that exists at all times, among all of us.

animal communication with a hamster

Early on in my animal communication work, I did a reading at a psychic fair for a man who wanted me to talk to the hamster he had when he was a little kid. He couldn’t remember the name of the hamster because he’d been so young at the time and had had a multitude of animals since. I set the intention to connect to the hamster the man had in mind, and immediately the hamster showed me the deep bond they'd had when the man was young. The hamster explained how back then he had helped the man through an especially difficult time. The man understood all the messages that came through that day, and I was blown away by how deep the hamster’s messages went. It didn’t matter the man couldn’t remember the hamster’s name. Their energy was always connected and always will be.

I did an event at a dog park last week, where several people were surprised they could still receive an animal reading if their animal wasn’t with them that day in the park. I can connect to your animal because YOU'RE connected to your animal (and you love your animal), and now I’m connecting with you in the dog park. It’s why readings work well over the phone, too. There’s this always existent web of energetic connection among all of us because we’re all one, and it goes way beyond the physical.

I read a Rumi quote yesterday that said, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all the time.” That’s that infinite connection that goes beyond time and space. It’s why we can connect with loved ones on the other side…why you hear about little kids talking to their grandparents but their grandparents passed before they were born. We start life open to that connection, and as adults all we need to do is clear a path back to it. When I was little, I loved the name Adam. It’s the only boy’s name I’ve ever liked. After I found what I was passionate about, learned to let go of doubts and anxiety, and opened my heart…I met an Adam and fell in love.

You can connect to the squirrel in the park, your aunt on the other side, a passing stranger (even all masked up). Connection is always there. It’s why we’re here, so we can experience it on all levels. Time and space can't hold us (or our pet hamsters) back. ✨✨✨

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1 commentaire

Paula Taylor
Paula Taylor
08 oct. 2020

So good to hear of those eternal Connections in a world where divisions are being emphasized constantly.

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