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Angels on Earth

Sometimes the universe throws a bunch of stuff at me in a short time that’s all the same message, so I know I need to pay attention…

In the past couple of days, I’ve seen two stories about good Samaritans helping whales. In one instance, folks saw an orca stuck on jagged rocks in Alaska and alerted the Coast Guard. Soon random people joined the rescue effort, scrambling on slippery rocks to pour buckets of water onto the whale…even creating a contraption with a hose and a pump. This went on for six hours until the tide came in, and the orca was able to slip back into the water with only superficial injuries.

Next I randomly came across a video of a man who swam into the ocean to gingerly cut a whale loose from a fishing net. The net covered the whale’s entire head, and she stayed still through the ordeal, knowing the man was trying to help her. Once free, she swam right beside the man’s boat, as his partner filmed the whole thing and cried at how happy the whale looked.

Then there was an osprey caught in fishing wire hanging from a bridge in Pennsylvania. The article I saw said that when a hiker noticed the bird and notified authorities, one brave fireman volunteered to rappel down from the bridge and help the razor-sharp-talonned bird. Somehow the rescue went smoothly, and a wildlife center kept the osprey overnight, giving her fluids and TLC. She was released in good condition the following day, no doubt reuniting with her mate who was seen circling the scene.

An amazing woman named Maria came into my life in the past few months who I, as well as many others, describe as an angel on earth. I was in the same Facebook group as her, and we had many delightful communications. Despite being very ill, she always showed up joyful, loving, and outrageously supportive of everyone around her. It blew me away how she gave everyone nothing but pure love every day. She sadly passed away last week, and I couldn’t help but feel like the world needed her to stay a lot longer than she did.

The kindness of people like Maria and those animal rescuers feels out-of-this-world extraordinary to me. But why does it feel so unusual? Every one of us has the potential to be just as kind, just as loving. We’ve all been the stranded whale, and we can all be the rescuer.

I’m so grateful for Maria and those rescuers who guide us to get out of our heads and into our hearts, to be present in the moment and engage in the world with love. And I’m so grateful that the universe puts us in the paths of angels on earth to remind us what we’re made of. 💜

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