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All the Buzz on Intuition & Inner Wisdom

Yesterday I listened to a podcast about intuition where an interesting point was brought up. Intuition, it was stated, feels exciting or buzzy, not scary. I totally agree.

So, if you’re wondering if you should go do a certain thing, for example, and you start feeling worried and anxious about what if this or that happens, you’re probably moving away from your intuition. If you can instead connect to the earth, feel grounded, and go into your heart and notice how the situation in question feels…(does it feel good and yummy, or does it feel out of sync (minus the fear)) then that’s your intuitive answer. That exciting and buzzy stuff is what you feel just by aligning yourself with your center, your heart, your true self.

I’ve mentioned Wordle in a blog post before—the word game where you have six chances to guess a mystery five-letter word. You have to start with any five-letter word you want, so it’s the best intuition exercise. Sometimes I let any word come to me, but lately I’ve been asking the focused question, what word do I need to know for my first guess? If I ask that question from a happy, positive vibe, it works wonders and I’ll at least get the first letter right (which is super valuable in this game). If I’m distracted, stressed or worried about something, it really doesn’t work—it’s like there’s interference and I’m led astray…which is basically exactly what happens energy-wise.

When I was first studying intuitive animal communication and experiencing my intuition growing, I remember it felt so much easier to intuitively read other people and animals than to access intuitive information about myself or my own life. Why? Because it’s easier to be unattached to the information or answers relating to others than to ourselves. Here’s where I feel the secret sauce is: if you can be solid and centered no matter what, you won’t need to attach, and you’ll receive clear information about yourself, others, and the world around you.

Once again, the best example is to look at how animals intuit information. Last week I spent a lot of time in bed feeling super under the weather, and my cat Calla snuggled in closer to my body than she ever has before. The message I received from her was that I was doing the right thing in being still, taking time, and letting my body heal. She was telling me that truly hunkering down, tapping out for the day, and releasing worry was the right path, and she was both reading my energy and giving me information in a really grounded way.

When I was working with Mr. Big the horse, one day I did an exercise where I stood in front of him with my back to him and tried to energetically encourage him to follow me around the arena. Without speaking or giving him physical cues, I needed to get him to want to follow me. If I was grounded and confident and calm (i.e. feeling great), I’d hear his footsteps behind me. If I got into my head too much (often from over-wanting a certain outcome or questioning myself), he’d simply stop walking or go do something else. No judgment, just calm response...not to mention great feedback about how to be in the flow and a magnet for beautiful things.

The more we return to center and come back to ourselves, the more we’ll receive intuitive information. The more we stay in the moment with our animals, the more they bring us back to ourselves with their feedback. It’s like a loving loop of awareness.

Other ways to come back to yourself and open up intuition? Spend time in nature, do any activity you love, practice self-care. Those three things also happen to be what animals love to do and do naturally all the time.

Sometimes in a reading, an animal will show me in my body how they feel in theirs, and often I’ll get a buzzing vibration that feels amazing. They’re in tune with themselves and loving how they feel. Being in that state makes it easy for them to tune into us and the world around them. So go ahead, catch that buzz—it’s where all the wisdom is. ✨

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