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All Kinds of Signs

The other day, a client emailed to tell me she saw a big white feather floating up and down outside her window, and she knew it had come as confirmation that she was on the right track. This is my favorite thing in the world—when a sign shows up out of nowhere right when you need it most, and you just know the universe has your back.

One morning a few years ago in my old apartment on the Upper East Side, I remember being completely stressed out, distracted, and worried about something. When I went to open the window, I found a feather lying smack in the middle of the outside windowsill, and immediately I knew everything was going to be ok.

Soon after my brother’s family lost their senior black-and-white dog Edward, they pulled up to their house to find a small black-and-white kitty hanging out on their porch. After a search for the cat’s owners, they discovered she was a stray and officially adopted her. That little cat was precisely what they needed in their time of grief.

Last night I was talking on the phone with my friend Diana, when all of a sudden she gasped and told me a little red squirrel had just come up to her sliding glass door, locked eyes on her, and proceeded to twitch his tail. She explained to me that she’s seen him before in her yard and thought he was a baby because he’s so small. But when she had described the little guy to her client Ted (a nature lover), he said it had to be a pine squirrel, and that’s as big as they get. Then Diana said to me, “Oh how funny, I’m seeing Ted tomorrow…,” and she gasped again when she realized she’d forgotten to text him to confirm their appointment. We both burst out laughing, realizing the little red squirrel showed up so she’d remember to check in with her client.

It blows me away how signs can show up anywhere, even right in the comfort of our own home. The universe knows how to get its point across—it deals in energy and is endlessly creative. Its messages can come through like cheerleaders, work assistants, healers, and more. And all the universe wants in return? That we take its sign language to heart. ❤️✨

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