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Access to All

Last week, we moved into a new apartment. After the movers had loaded the truck with our stuff, I stayed behind at the old apartment with our cats Calla and Faro, in order to clean the old apartment and try to keep the kitties calm and feeling safe while my boyfriend Adam went to the new place for the unloading.

animal communication with a cat peeking out of a kitchen cabinet

At the old apartment, I had kept things that I thought would help Calla and Faro feel safe before they went to the new place—litter boxes, food, toys, scratch boxes. I had communicated with them about the move ahead of time, but I knew seeing all of our furniture gone could be jarring. While Calla felt totally fine in the empty apartment—rolling around, playing, and purring, Faro, on the other hand, became very uneasy and decided to retreat to an empty kitchen cabinet for the duration.

Faro has a very close bond with Adam, so I knew Adam not being there wasn’t helping the situation. As I cleaned, I repeatedly approached Faro to give him Reiki and tell him we’d all be going to the new place soon. Faro kept telling me he was not leaving the cabinet.

After a couple of hours, just as I went over to check on Faro, he sat up and stepped out of the cabinet. I felt his whole energy change, and it was clear to me that he knew everything was ok. Just then, I received a text from Adam saying he was on his way back and had tried to send a message to Faro telling him, “Everything is ok—I’m coming back to get you now.”

Adam isn’t an animal communicator, but he successfully sent a message to Faro, who received it loud and clear. Often in my readings, a client will ask me to tell their animal how much they love them, or that they’re sorry they have to travel but will be back soon…I give their animals the message but always tell the client that they themselves can give their animals those messages.

Fifteen years before I had any inkling I could do this work, I remember my cat Willow waking me up one morning by pushing her face in my face. In my haze, I heard “I’m bored” in my head, and I knew it was a message directly from Willow. I thought it was weird and crazy, but I knew this cool communication between us had happened.

I used to attend circles with a shaman who would always tell us, “You have access to all,” meaning the energy of the earth, animals, sun, moon, and stars—absolutely all the magic inherent in our world is open to us. Open access means you don’t have to push on a door…it’s already open.

The more we know that inherent magic is actually normal (the way the universe is programmed), the more connections will blossom, the more we’ll feel safe and at peace, the more cats will come out of cabinets. There will be nothing but “mores.” 💜💜💜

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