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A Time and Place for Miracles

I recently posted about running into author Amy B. Scher while I had her book with me—I’m reading How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can for a second time now and am pretty obsessed with it. On Saturday I felt strongly that I needed to take it with me to my acupuncturist.

animal communication between a cat and dog

That morning I realized my appointment was earlier than it usually is, but I couldn’t remember why I scheduled it that way. Then I ended up getting to the acupuncturist super early, so I walked around the block and sat outside to kill time. Suddenly at one point I jumped up and felt I needed to go in, even though I still had 17 minutes to go. A voice in my head instantly questioned it, saying, “Why now? It’s nice outside!” But my gut answered, nope, now’s the time.

As soon as I entered the waiting room from the front door, Amy came into the waiting room from another direction. I couldn’t get over the fact that we were in the same place at the same time, especially when I had her book in my hands. Being right there and then gave me the opportunity to explain to her what her message means to me both personally and professionally, and completely confirmed how aligned I feel with what she teaches.

Many years ago, my brother’s black-and-white dog passed away while he and my sister-in-law and nieces were on vacation. The day they got back home and were unpacking their things (deep in grief, seeing Edward’s bed and toys around the house), my niece noticed a black-and-white cat with her paws on the front door, looking in. After making sure the kitty didn’t belong to anyone in the neighborhood, they adopted her as their own. Midnight couldn’t have been in a better place at a better time for all involved.

I always talk about how the universe, angels, and guides (and even our intuition) aren’t bound by time and space and can surpass it in amazing ways to bring us gifts and wisdom. But it’s also easy for them to work with time and space to put us exactly where we need to be when we need to be there. Think about when you randomly met the love of your life, or ran into an old friend, or found something you’d been looking for—all with the most exquisite timing in the most unexpected place.

A few days before I met Amy, I had a moment where it dawned on me how real miracles are, and I just sat in that feeling. Miracles are an indication that our lives, the energy in and around us, and the universe are all in optimal flow. When we open up to that flow and know it’s real, the universe works miracles with time and space to connect us, confirm what feels right to us…even send us a gift right to our front door that heals our hearts. To me, that universal love and support is as clear as black and white. ✰✰✰

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