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4 Steps to a Feel-Good Year

Everyone’s talking about resolutions this month and whether those goals are achievable, daunting, inspiring, or actually worth it in the end. I say, if it feels good to you, then make a New Year’s resolution. If it stresses you out more than anything else, then you could try to tweak it so it feels better and more magical.

The start of the New Year has that fresh “new beginning” energy which is always a wave that’s fun to ride. It can be a prime time to look at what you want to bring into your orbit, so I’ve found that a twist on the resolution is what works for me. Here’s how I approach it:

1. Embrace intention instead of resolution. Whereas a resolution can often sound like something hard to live up to, an intention automatically feels good—you focus on a desire or a shift and then trust that the energy flows where your attention goes. It’s how the law of energy functions, so in a way you’re encouraging nature to take its course.

2. Make sure your intention has a positive spin. So for example, instead of focusing on knowing you need to get out of your own way to get “x”, you intend to allow an open flow and path to “x”. Instead of intending to stop a bad habit, you give yourself grace and intend to lean into self-love, which will naturally lead to more great habits.

3. Let go and show up. This is a balance, where you give your intention up to the universe to guide you there without worrying about the how and when, but you’re also staying in the flow of faith, trust, and love. If you shift into self-pressure and beat yourself up about stuff, you’re no longer holding the vibration where intentions thrive.

4. Ask for support. You can partner with someone in your life and be each other’s cheerleaders, or partner with your guides, angels, and/or loved ones on the other side who are always waiting to help you out. You’re never alone in wanting to grow and expand—the universe LOVES that energy.

A few weeks ago I put a soft, comfy towel down in front of the radiator in the bathroom, thinking one of my cats would like to sleep there when the temps dropped around the holidays. Yesterday morning, I looked at the towel and realized neither of them paid any attention to it and had found other warm spots to enjoy. I intended to put the towel away but had to rush out to an appointment and forgot about it. Later that day, we found our cat Calla on the towel in the bathroom, her direct response to my thought earlier that day: She likes and appreciates the towel there, thank you, and she’ll enjoy it when she’s feeling it. 😻

This isn’t the first time such a non-coincidence has happened with my cats after I’ve had a random thought. Each time, I’m reminded of how the energy of our thoughts and intentions gets results. They are always heard and responded to. Why? Because we’re made of star stuff. We’re made of the same energy as the universe, the clouds, our animals, and our favorite tree. We’re naturally all connected by this common energy, so when we set an intention, we’re simply dialing in what’s already within reach.

So, here's to the magic of calling in and creating (and more cats on warm towels) in 2023! 🎉

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