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Close Your Eyes. What Do You See?

The other day I was giving a Reiki session to a friend as she sat in a chair. A few minutes into the treatment, I felt the sensation of standing on a rocking boat. This happens sometimes in a session—I can see I’m standing firmly on the floor and not moving, but I’ll feel myself bobbing as if on ripples of water. To me, it’s the Reiki energy reinforcing to me that it’s real, it’s flowing, and it’s happening now.

Then a minute later, my hands on my friend’s shoulders and my eyes shut, I started feeling her body sinking. I literally felt the chair and her body lowering into the floor. I opened my eyes and saw it wasn’t physically happening, but it couldn’t have felt more real. I work with energy a lot, but it can still feel crazy to me when you feel or know something is happening but can’t see it with your physical eyes.

Last night my mom shared a story with me that she saw on the Today Show about a three-legged dog named Piggy. Soon after Piggy’s human Tod adopted him, they were walking in a park and suddenly Piggy made a bee-line for a woman sitting on a bench. He put his paw on her and looked her in the eye, and then she burst into tears. She told Tod her dog had just passed away at 4 a.m. that morning.

I wonder how many people passed that woman on the bench oblivious to her sorrow? I wonder how many people passed her and felt something? Of all the people in the park, all the smells, sights, and sounds around him, Piggy ran to that one woman. That’s how clearly energy gave him a message, and how strongly he believed it.

After that Reiki session with my friend, I remembered when I was working on her hips, I heard the message for her to slow down, sit and take a break, and get grounded. I think feeling her body sinking was another way the universe was giving me that message.

What is the energy around you telling you today? Slow down, take a break, get grounded and chances are you’ll sense something. I keep thinking if we all did that every day, we’d easily find people who we can support or who can support us. And that’s what I call acting like an animal.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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