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Living the Dream

I’m slowly emerging from a few weeks of holiday prep, family time, purging, packing, and moving. It’s been harrowing, fun, and overwhelming all at once. Now that I’m moved, the daunting task lies ahead of setting up the new place in the ultimate cozy, yet optimally functional way.

And in the midst of all this go-go-go, I’ve sacrificed my daily meditation practice...and am trying not to beat myself up about it.

What’s weird is, since I’ve moved a few days ago, I’ve been dreaming nonstop each night—odd dreams, meaningful dreams, and a lot of hazy hard-to-remember dreams.

Currently I’m reading the book Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff, about his experiences spending time with aborigines in Malaysia. He describes how they believe the waking world is the shadow world, and the dream world is the true, real world. Every morning the aborigines wake up and discuss what they saw in their dreams the night before. Often, more than one person has seen the same thing, and the stories from their dreams inform their day.

A dream could be about a tree with juicy, ripe fruit, and the aborigine people would find that tree later that day. Or, someone could dream about a storm and everyone would stay close to their huts that day and later on a storm would come.

Recently during a Reiki session for a client, I experienced a vision of her staring into a golden sunset, feeling whole and at peace. I shared the vision with her afterwards and she told me the night before she had dreamed she was searching for the sun and had an overwhelming need to stand in its light.

I don’t know if the dream state is really our reality, but I do know our subconscious is connected to higher wisdom, has messages for us, and is primed to help and support us. It makes sense that since my meditation time has decreased, my dreams have increased—like, those messages have to come through somehow.

I love how the aborigine people I’m reading about take their dreams so seriously and never doubt there is wisdom in them…and then they come true.

When you do that in this reality—really, truly believe in your dreams—they have to come true. It’s the law of the universe. I’ve dreamed of having some things in my life for a super-long time, and since recently they've come to me, I'm pinching myself. Maybe there doesn’t have to be a separation of dream and reality. We can all live the dream.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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