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What’s up with the feather? A.K.A. the story of a logo

Several years ago, the feather became an active symbol in my life. Like, my day-to-day, walking-down-the-street life. I think I read at some point that angels use feathers as a way to reach out to us, and then after that I started noticing them popping up for me. Sometimes one is right in my path on the sidewalk, and I come upon it just as I’m pondering something I’m unsure about. One night I came home after a long, hard day and went to open the window to let in some fresh air, only to find a huge feather lying smack in the middle of the outside windowsill. Each time this happens, I feel like it’s a sign from the angels, my guides, or the universe telling me everything’s going to be ok. It’s like my own personal shout-out.

One of the most in-my-face (literally) feather interactions I had was in 2012 when I was deep in the search to find answers for a chronic health issue. I had exhausted Western medicine and decided to try a Reiki treatment. On my way to the session, I stopped on the corner of E. 86th St. and First Avenue in Manhattan, waiting for the light to change. As I stood there, I wondered to myself, “Is this really worth doing? Is Reiki really going to help me? Or is it going to be another dead end?” As soon as those questions came up, the tiniest, softest, wispiest white feather flew in front of my face, right at eye level, and hovered there. Then it flipped in the air—still right in front of my eyes—one…two…three times, then flew off in the opposite direction from whence it came. I immediately said “Thanks guys! Got it.” and went to the Reiki session that eventually led to my studying it and becoming a Reiki master.

Last year on a trip to the Bahamas, I took an excursion to a site called the Healing Hole, a tiny round body of water believed to hold mystical healing properties. I had no idea that the way to get to the Healing Hole, which was surrounded by mangrove trees and looked like it belonged in the opening scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, was about a mile through swampy quick sand, filled with hundreds of jellyfish and crabs. And I was barefoot. So, as I trudged along to the mystical destination (and as I hung out in the Healing Hole itself, so murky I had no idea how deep it was or what lived in there), I repeated in my head the names of the archangels, thanking them for this opportunity and asking (begging) for protection. As soon as I emerged from the Healing Hole, the first thing I saw was a beautiful large feather right in my path in the swamp water. I knew it wasn’t there before—I had eagle eyes everywhere I stepped watching out for what could sting or bite me. I hadn’t seen any feathers anywhere during the whole excursion either--I would have definitely noticed. So when I saw that particular feather, it was like a loud and clear “we heard you, you’re doing great, we’ve got your back (and bare feet)” from the angels.

(By the way, I took that Bahamas swamp feather home with me—here it is):

Bahamas Feather

There’s more to the feather for me than a sign of reassurance and or an arrow pointing me to Reiki, though. Feathers appear soft and delicate, but are actually really strong. That’s how I see energy (whether in healing or in intuitive connection)—it’s this gentle essence that can do amazing things. It’s beautiful and undeniable.

There are signs from the universe trying to get our attention all the time, and they don’t necessarily have to be feathers. You can even set an intention of “I want to see the color orange when I need encouragement,” or whatever resonates with you, and the universe will gladly play along. Go ahead, give it a try and see what shows up for you.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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